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Kia Sorento 3.5 V6 Engine for Sale

The Sorrento by Kia used the 3.5 Sigma V6 engine starting in 2003. A sale on this crossover SUV model meant that performance was not diminished. Most people who own this vehicle have either an automatic four-speed or a five-speed transmission inside. PreownedEngines.com is a web source to get a Kia Sorrento 3.6 V6 engine for sale cheap. 3.5 Sigma Motor Specs The construction started in 2003 for the Sigma …Read More

Kia Sedona 3.5L Engine

Sedona vans by Kia used 3.5L engine blocks when marketed in the USA. While produced for the global auto industry, the minivan models did supply V6 power in the LX and EX trim versions. Since the year 2002, consumers have depended on the quality of the Sedona nameplate. A second hand Kia Sedona 3.5L engine is up for sale at this website. 3.5-Liter Kia Motor Specs A grand total of …Read More

Used Kia Rio 1.6L Engine

Rio cars from Kia used the 1.6L B6 Mazda engine for the first time between 2000 and 2005. Partnership agreements made it a reality to use the smaller and more trusted I4 series motors. The first generation production of the Rio as a compact vehicle helped market the technology in the motor in the global auto industry. People using this website can still find a Kia Rio 1.6L engine for …Read More

Buy Sportage Engines

Kia introduced its Sportage line of SUV vehicles in early 1993. The concept of a crossover vehicle was appealing to a wider audience of vehicle buyers. There were different body styles depending on the types of vehicle motors that were used. The first generation blocks were quite different from the ones used in later years. This resource gives any person the option to buy Sportage engines without using classifieds or …Read More

Purchase Kia Engines

Kia motor vehicles are produced in part by the Hyundai company in Korea. The Kia Motors Corporation continues to export millions of vehicles to the United States market each year. The strong sales of this vehicle brand has created new interest in replacement engines. The different builds of motors that are produced by Kia each year can still be hard to find on U.S. soil. A trusted way to purchase …Read More