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Suzuki SX4 2.0L Engine Used

The SX4 2.0-liter engine from Suzuki is for sale here used. What started out as a compact vehicle was turned into a compact SUV after the 2013 year. The driving force behind the global success of the SX/4 is likely the gasoline and diesel options for consumers. Two of the popular Suzuki SX4 2.0L engine blocks are available to buy at this PreownedEngines.com website. VIN 4 6th Digit Four-Cylinder Specs …Read More

Used Suzuki 1.6L Engine

Sidekick vehicles used the 1.6 engine from 1986 until the 1992 production year. Suzuki relied on its famous G motor family to supply the initial 80 horsepower for the 4-cylinder versions. While the production of the Sidekick is no longer active, a person shopping here can still buy a Suzuki 1.6L engine. These models are used and do feature a top industry standard warranty. G13BA 1.6 8-Valve Engine The 1.6L …Read More

Purchase Suzuki Engines

Suzuki vehicles are no longer in production in favor of the motorcycle brand now promoted globally. Finding a replacement source for used condition Suzuki motors can be a difficult task. This resource features many of the available motors in the U.S. market. The best way to purchase Suzuki engines online is by using a resource dedicated to customer service and low pricing. The Preowned Engines company provides these services as …Read More