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1.6 Corolla Engine Sale

Corolla cars used a 1.6 liter 4AFE engine from 1987 onward at Toyota. This DOHC block was the first of its kind to use an electronic fuel system. The days were carbureted motors were over as well as throttle body injectors. This straight four-cylinder build set the tone in the global automotive manufacturing industry for excellence. Powertrain Guys has a 1.6 Corolla engine sale price for its inventory posted here. …Read More

Toyota Camry 3.5 V6 Engine for Sale

The Camry used the 3.5 as the main V6 engine during its sale at Toyota. After 2006, the 2GR-FE was the primary motor that was in production. Because of its versatility, this block found its way into multiple motor vehicles. For someone who has a 6 speed automatic transmission, the Toyota Camry 3.5 V6 engine for sale at this website will drop right in. Specs for the 3.5 Camry Block …Read More

2.4 Hilux Engine for Sale

The 2.4 engine is one displacement used in the Hilux while on sale in the USA. Before the 4Runner, this light-duty truck was making waves that started in the year 1984. The block inside was a straight-four variant. The salvage auto market is one great place to find a 2.4 Hilux engine for sale using the Internet. POE has units in stock here. Specs of the 2.4 Motor The Toyota …Read More

Toyota Solara 2.2L Engine Used OEM Block

Solara cars used 2.2L engines at Toyota starting in 1997. As a variation of the Camry, sales were strong enough to offer this new trim style. A coupe edition was marketed as a family sedan although a convertible option existed. For people who need a replacement Toyota Solara 2.2L engine, buying one as a unit edition here is easy. 5SFE Solar Motor Specs A grand total of 3 trim versions …Read More

Toyota Highlander 2.4L Engine Used

Toyota used a 2.4L engine for its Highlander SUV from 2001 to 2007. This use of crossover sport utility vehicles hit a peak in the mid 2000s. The excellent fuel mileage and no lack of performance helped sell these vehicles. The standard piston rod 4-cylinder Toyota Highlander 2.4L engine is for sale on this page daily. 2AZFE I4 Motor Specs To power its Millennium series pickup trucks, Toyota selected the …Read More

Toyota Tacoma 2.4L Engine for Sale

Tacoma trucks were for sale with a 2.4L engine starting in 1995. For a period of nine years, consumers appreciated the four-cylinder base. As the 2000s neared, the need for a 4WD model was stronger. Anyone landing on this page can order a used Toyota Tacoma 2.4L engine in 2WD configuration for a sale price. VIN L 5th Digit 2.4-Liter The Toyota RZ motor was selected to be the force …Read More

Toyota Prius 1.5L Engine for Sale

The Prius has used the 1.5L engine as part of its Hybrid technology since the year 2000. The compact, mid-size, sedan or hatchback models all had the same motor block installed. Toyota designed the phase one concept car in the year 1997. Demand in the global market helped consumers recognize what the Toyota Prius 1.5L engine could do in the USA. 4-Valve 1.5-Liter Motor Specs The production code for the …Read More

V6 EFI 3.0 Toyota Engine Replacement

Toyota produced its 3.0L EFI V6 engine from 1988 until 1995. Millions of these builds were used in 4Runner, trucks, T100 and Winnebago motorhomes. While some people appreciate this mixture, the electronic fuel injection series was not without its share of problems. It is quite common to have to swap an older motor due to electrical or mechanical issues. PreownedEngines.com retails V6 EFI 3.0 Toyota engine inventory here daily. The …Read More

Toyota Tundra 5.7L Engine

2007 Tundra trucks and up offer the 5.7 engine as an upgrade. Toyota first went into production on its medium-duty Tundra in the year 2000. While the first option was the 4.0 V6, consumers were treated to a better power upgrade with the bigger V8 build. Because horsepower is not an issue, the Toyota Tundra 5.7L engine remains a popular replacement block for regular or double cab trucks. 3URFE VVT-i …Read More

1.8L Matrix Engine

The Matrix by Toyota was an offshoot of the Corolla that was sold in the U.S. and Canadian markets. This vehicle brand was introduced to the consumer industry in the year 2002. The first model year was a hatchback design. The initial four-cylinder motor design was coupled as the FE series. Someone searching on the web to find 1.8L Matrix engine inventory is shopping in the right place. The first …Read More