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Chevy Colorado 2.5L Engine 4 Cylinder

Colorado trucks by Chevy used the 2.5L engine for the first time in the year 2004. As the official replacement of the S10, the adapted Colorado brand was manufactured for sale globally. The initial block that powered the truck was the Isuzu J motor. Both the 4JK1 and late model Chevy Colorado 2.5L engine editions are what can be purchased on this parts website. All pricing is current and is updated at different periods of the day.

For the first decade of production, GM fitted its compact trucks with the older 4-cylinder technology. Horsepower was capped at only 116 although the 6-speed transmission could still function normally. There is not much difference in trim models of the Colorado truck brand. The LT, Z71, WT and the base edition still used the 2.5-liter Isuzu motor until the year 2012. The extended cab and crew cab models were supplied as 4WD or 2WD respectively.

DOHC 2.5L Colorado Motors OEM

Chevy now builds most of its compact picked trucks in different cities across the USA. The plant in Missouri was hand-selected to provide the assembly of the Colorado during its run. The 2015 and up versions now make use of the Ecotec motor platform. This series is defined as a 150 cubic inch displacement block that can achieve as much as 25 miles per gallon. This unleaded fuel motor is a dual overhead cam build that is very common at GM.

While there are 2457 cubic centimeters in the block, it does require 5 quarts of oil to make a successful change. A person needs to validate if the used Chevy truck motors on this website will work with the ND8 transmission do not have to worry. Tests have already been performed to certify compatibility. The unleaded fuel 11:3:1 engines for sale on this website are shipped with a warranty policy.

The Colorado and GMC Canyon each accept the 2.5L Ecotec or the earlier J Isuzu motor block. Acquisitions have been completed with reliable suppliers and automobile dismantlers across the U.S. The Preowned Engines company inventory supplied on this portal is among the best of the best when it comes to truck engines for sale on the Internet.

2.5L 4-cylinder Replacement Engine

The newly built Colorado trucks feature variable valve timing. The 4-cylinder design is an upgrade to the early manufactured editions. Regardless of what type of unit is needed, more than one RPO code, engine code and VIN number can be verified in the inventory here. This data goes along with the suggested retail list price that is part of the standard price models.

To save people money, a discount is figured into any price that is viewable on this page. The cost of shipping to a commercial business is also included. Instant help can be achieved by using the motor price finder at the top of this website or by calling straight into the call center using the toll-free number presented.

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