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Used Chevy Colorado 2.8L Engine Diesel

The 2.8L Duramax diesel for Colorado trucks is now standard on most trim levels. The development of the XLD28 platform has helped General Motors to offer a more focused turbo diesel block. Both the Chevrolet and GMC platforms are setup to use the I4 builds. The powertrain system is one that is unique in modern trucks in the U.S. A person can find a used Chevy Colorado 2.8L engine diesel build on this website.

Unlike the 2.5 Ecotec used before the 2012 year, the Duramax LFX RPO model is a 16-valve edition. This common rail diesel platform was used previously in Holden editions of the Colorado trucks. GM made the decision in 2015 to offer the turbo diesel design in trucks going forward. The GM 2.7 liter turbo diesel blocks listed for sale on this website are authentic versions.

LWM 200 HP 2.8-Liter Engine

The 8-speed transmission is now the preferred option in the medium-duty truck series for Chevrolet. In the past, the 5 and 6-speed options were available although these were configured for gasoline I4 motors. The 2.8L diesel features 169 cubic inches and holds a 16:5:1 compression ratio. The automatic gearbox compliments this system nicely.

Along with the Colorado, the Canyon from GMC now uses the LWM diesel platform. Both the extended and crew cab editions have the 4-cylinder diesel powered blocks as an upgrade. The PreownedEngines.com company acquires its used GM motors through partnerships with reliable distributors. This is how so many different RPO codes can be listed for sale at this website.

Buy Duramax 2.8L Colorado Engines

Locating a replacement engine is no easy task to conduct on the Internet. Out of the thousands of sellers, only a few are hand picked by consumers because of loyalty or the best prices. The discounted price and the retail price are often very different. When a person goes to make a decision, getting a price quote that includes the fees for a warranty is usually the best option to take.

The 2.8L Duramax Chevy Colorado builds that can be purchased here are certified preowned. This makes the inventory here an authority when compared to some web sellers. A quote is price is something that is never a struggle to find here. At the click of a mouse or dial of a phone pad, a person can be acquainted with the customer service department. Pricing is easy to understand and ordering has been simplified as of this year.

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