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Chevy LG4 Engine

The LG4 is the RPO code of a Chevy engine built in 1980. This block is a small-block V8. GM produced this assembly until the production year ceased in 1988. Even though earlier versions had a carburetor, a computer command control was installed. PreownedEngines.com is your source to buy a used Chevy LG4 engine on the web.

Specs of the LG4

The early compression was 8:5:1. This was upped when installed in the Camaro and other sports cars. The horsepower was not set in stone. The first ratio was 150 hp while later builds were able to reach 165 hp. People who appreciate the 305 small-block base are likely the group that will order the units we have on sale here.

Before GM changed its fuel system requirements, the four-barrel carburetor was king. These are simple to work on. That is perhaps the reason that so many people like DIY projects when it comes to fixing up vehicles.

The 5.0 liter displacement is a powerful build. It was one of the early contenders in a lot of vehicles even with the older fuel system. POE finds these editions from junk yards and many other outlets. What we supply to consumers is a reliable place to locate and order the used LG4 motor online.

Block Warranty for V8 Builds

It helps to protect the camshaft, gaskets and other components that are central to functionality. This can only happen if you have a policy for parts and labor in place. There are things excluded from the protection plans that consumers receive. You will need to activate the term of protection after your order is processed.

A test for compression is always administered. We know what the ratios should be. We cross reference and verify through documentation that the motor is working properly. You can spot an air leak or other defect with a precise measurement. A block cleaning keeps the surface from having too much build up of old oil or rust.

Buy Used 5.0 Chevy Engines

The V8 that we can sell and ship to you is in stock. It is ready to go out unless our inventory is wrong. In that case, we will try to get it from our suppliers. What you are ordering is a certified build. These are in used condition only and might have high mileage. We try to control the mileage by having a cutoff.

We are still one of the companies that will provide you will free freight. There is a few circumstances when we cannot offer this with each order. You will be notified with your price quote when we can or cannot ship things for free. Get your quote through our web system or by calling one of our support agents today.