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Chevy S10 4.3L Engine Used

S10 Chevy trucks used 4.3L engines starting in 1988 at GM. After a lack of success with the 4-cylinder blocks, General Motors updated performance in the light-duty trucks. A successful run with the Iron Duke motor lead to development of a standard 6-cylinder. A person scouring the second hand market can buy a Chevy S10 4.3L engine for an unbelievable price here.

LB4, LB9 and L35 4.3-Liter

There have been no less than 4 total builds found in the S10 truck. The most common difference between the models is the fuel system. TBI (throttle body injection) and CPI (central portal injection) were utilized first. This was the leading technology in the late 1980s.

Chevrolet motor vehicles were also equipped with a variation of the Vortec engine. The 4300 series was notably found in the S10 and Blazer SUVs. The solid marketing and lack of problems reported in service bulletins helped sell the S10 4.3L block.

Names like Baja, Sonoma, Cyclone and Crew Cab were affixed to different trucks under the GM banner. Every one of these versions had a V6 motor installed. Because of the excellent build quality, people can still buy a reliable product in used condition here.

4.3L Specs and Horsepower

Depending on what block was manufactured, the power could go up or down. The initial LB4 had its performance capped at 140 hp. In later years, Chevrolet and GMC branded vehicles were able to reach as much as 200 horsepower with the standard 4.3L 6-cylinder engine. Modifications in manufacturing and air flow systems led to higher output.

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Buy 4.3L S10 Truck Engines Used

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