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Chevy Spectrum Engine for Sale

The Chevy Spectrum used a 1.5L and 1.6L DOHC engine during its production period. Co-branded with GM and Isuzu technology, the Spectrum (later Geo) automobiles were compact sports cars. Built from 1985 to 1989, all USA versions were gasoline powered only. It is still possible to buy a Chevy Spectrum engine for sale using this preowned parts website online.

Spectrum Engine Specs

It was more common to find a three-speed transmission than a diesel block in the United States. Two separate blocks were installed in the LS and RS trim models. The 4XCI and 4XE1 were the base versions. Both the hatchback and sedan automobiles used the very same motors.

One thing that people do appreciate about the four-cylinder versions is that they are easy to work on. Parts are still available through salvage and secondary outlets. A total of 70 horsepower is all that the 1.5L could handle. The turbo versions not sold in America were rated at 120hp.

Some people might find that the nameplate of their vehicle is different for the Spectrum. The Chevrolet name and the Geo names have been used. The 1988 to 1989 year is when updated edition was introduced. It was only a year later than the Geo Storm took over the market for the Isuzu-GM created Spectrum automobiles.

Spectrum, I-Mark or Geo: The Differences

All of the subcompact versions were the FF layout and R body design. The I-Mark is the original automobile that was built by Isuzu. To trademark a model name, General Motors added its Chevy Spectrum nameplate. The very same platform was also utilized for the Pontiac Sunburst and some Holden vehicles overseas.

A three-speed or a five-speed transmission are each compatible with the 1.5-liter or 1.6-liter blocks. The front engine design was the most common although some diesel products were available for a short time that sported a different configuration.

DOHC Used Chevy Spectrum Motors

The export versions were only sold in the European market and are harder to locate. What PreownedEngines.com offers is a select variety of four-cylinder blocks. The 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 and other models can be purchased easily here. The sale prices are determined by each provider that is found in the components database. Nothing is rebuilt unless it is listed in the VIN description.

To buy a preowned engine for a Chevrolet Spectrum or Geo car, a person only has to review price information here. Some of the leading recyclers and junk yards are part of the delivery network at POE. The hundreds of thousands of automobiles that were sold with the non-turbocharged motors are supported with products here.

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