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Chevy Traverse 3.6L Engine for Sale

The crossover Traverse by Chevy has a 3.6L engine. GM used this model in more than one automobile. For a full-size SUV, this vehicle has one of the strongest V6 motors. The block was first installed in Cadillac vehicles to judge the public demand. As a High Feature product, the Chevy Traverse 3.6L engine can be ordered using this website.

LLT RPO Motor Specs

Like many builds, a DOHC block design was picked for the 3.6-liter. GM identifies this unit as an LLT series. The standard fuel injection modules were removed and updated to the direct injection lines. The total 217 cubic inch displacement works well with the SUV and luxury automobile platforms.

A dual exhaust is now installed on many General Motors brands. Depending on the single or dual systems, the horsepower in the 3.6-liter could be 281 hp or 288 hp. A consumer who will buy a used LLT engine for sale should be aware of the slight differences in craftsmanship.

The transmission that works with the transverse motored SUV is a 6T75 assembly. This is one of the newest GM creations as a 6-gear version. All of the trim variations of LT1, LT2 and LS have the 3.6L V6 setup with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Low Mileage Traverse and Arcadia Blocks

With success happening in every phase of production, both the Chevrolet and GMC nameplates showcase the 3.6L. Someone who is concerned with motor quality for recycled units has valid concerns. Not all auction companies are willing to support a sale with a warranty.

To achieve a low mileage count, auto parts need to be pulled out of a vehicle at the 5th or 6th year of age. This keeps the usage period much lower and does prevent OEM parts failures. The actual warranty plans that are given to buyers using this website are long term policies. What this means is that a two-year or more term is given out at no additional cost.

Used 3.6L Chevrolet Traverse Engines

There are no new, rebuilt or reconditioned LLT blocks for sale on this page. The entire stock recycled through salvage companies. This supply method offers a discounted Chevy Traverse engine for sale without problems. Certifications have been made. People get excited when MSRP is lowered.

Customers in every one of the 50 states in the USA shop at PreownedEngines.com for a reason. Besides the inventory available, customer service agents are kind. These professionals process web and offline quotes requests daily. All used Traverse 3.6 motors that are in stock are delivered in a few days to any domestic address.

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