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Chrysler Pacifica Engine

2006 chevy impala ss engine

Chrysler upped the production of luxury vehicles in the early 2000s. The Pacifica was one of the partnership vehicles created for U.S. distribution. There were only three motors used in the luxury division of Chrysler. The Preowned Engines company is one source to locate original Chrysler Pacifica engine inventory. There are not too many sources to find out of production engines online.

Chrysler designed all of its OEM engines for use with its own Ultradrive transmissions. The very first motor installed in the new luxury builds was the 3.5. This motor can be identified with the EGJ engine code. This edition was upgraded midway through the Pacifica production to the larger 3.8. This series was used to boost the power levels. The original 3.5 is no longer in active production.

Used Pacific Engines: 2004 to 2010

The larger 3.8 is one of the motors that were used briefly in the Pacifica. These EGH coded motors are one of the types that can be found using this Internet resource. The differences in the V6 engines produced were slight although horsepower increases were always available. The much larger sized 4.0 EGQ motor was the final installation in the Pacifica in 2010.

One thing to know about the V6 motors from Chrysler is that these were built for performance. While most motors are built for fuel mileage, the luxury division builds were similar to Mercedes vehicles due to the partnership with Daimler AG. All motors that are reviewed through this very resource are packaged with appropriate warranties.

Chrysler Pacifica Engine Quotes

It is the accuracy of price quotes that informs buyers of actual engine costs. There is an automated process in use here for all motors. The delivery of pricing is an important step when buying used motors for sale. Every engine build in the PreownedEngines.com company warehouse is priced using the digitized tools now available on this page.

A quotation for a motor can be obtained by phone as well. There are some benefits to learning about engine mileage or quality over the phone. Looking up the right engine code takes a specialist. Every professional who assists buyers of Chrysler engines on this website ensures timely information is delivered. The toll-free phone line listed on this page is available each day of the year.

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