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Jeep Commander 5.7L Engine Used

The Commander used a 5.7L V8 engine during its marketing by Jeep. This performance edition was only offered with the Overland trim package. The production period for this version was 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the U.S. While showcased with a 5-gear automatic transmission, the Jeep Commander 5.7L engine can still be purchased online.

5.7L Jeep Motor Specs

The Ram truck series was the first model in the Chrysler family to use the Hemi V8. This re-issued version quickly became sought after in the auto industry. The units installed into the Commander SUV were either four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive compatible.

The actual horsepower found in Jeep manuals can be different. The initial specs included a 300 hp package. By the final year of manufacturing, the 5.7-liter used in Jeep sport utility vehicles could reach 357 hp. People shopping for the first time should understand this data.

The regular VIN number for the Overland trim was VIN 2 8th digit. The best way to match up this edition is to ensure the correct check digit is available. Some web retailers do not list the vehicle information data on the Internet and make people call to validate numbers.

XK V8 Engine MPG

The 2WD enabled vehicles were able to pull off a little more MPG compared to the 4WD. A range of 13 miles per gallon up to 20 is what someone can expect when swapping a 5.7L in good condition. What determines how much fuel economy is available is the condition of the motor. Infrequent oil changes and air flow leaks steal gas mileage in used XK motors.

An MDS sensor is installed OEM for all Commander Jeep motor vehicles. The theory behind this technology was to reduce the amount of cylinders needed at cruising speeds. A reduction in four cylinders happens automatically when achieving a 40 to 60 speed range. This Multi-Displacement System first appeared in the 2008 XK.

Buy Used Hemi V8 Engines

Chrysler provided the investment needed to manufacture the beloved Hemi 8-cylinder block. Anyone shopping this used automobile engine website will be able to place an order. There are real products in stock and are delivered by third-party companies. A quote that includes the regular delivery fees will be provided by phone or when using the web interface here.

Inventory that has been pre-screened and tested is what is delivered to customers. Whether it is a low mileage edition or one that includes a free warranty, all variations of the used Commander 5.7 motors will be sure to please a buyer of salvage auto parts.

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