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Crown Victoria 4.6L Engine for Sale

The Ford luxury Crown Victoria used a 4.6L engine. This car was produced between 1992 and the 2012 year. There were only two trim packages available. These were standard or LX. Ford Motor Company invested heavily into its Modular 8-cylinder development. What consumers should know is that a Crown Victoria 4.6L engine is for sale at a good price on this portal.

2-Valve 4.6 V8 Specs

The FR chassis design was equipped to handle the size of the Modular motor block. Ford created its 16-valve models long before the late model 3-valves were available. The four-door sedan shape was able to retain the 17 to 25 miles per gallon fuel economy.

A split of 210 to 239 horsepower was featured in all Crown Vic motors. Depending on the manufacturer year, a little more or a little less horsepower was available. The SOHC build featured an overhead cam style. This was offered in both the first and second generation editions.

A single or dual exhaust package was sold with the 4.6 equipped Crown Victoria. It was most common to find an AOD or 4R70W transmission bolted to the undercarriage. The Police Interceptor versions that were sold to law enforcement had a modified air flow package although still had the same 4.6-liter V8 displacement.

281 CID Modular Engines

The 90-degree design by Ford was a very popular build. What made these versions popular was the performance level. A cast iron block housed the entire motor. This heavy metal construction did not restrict the top speed available to drivers. While it is true Ford Motor Company made much larger motors, the 281 has its place in automotive history.

SFI 2WD Warranty Package

What is promoted, sold and shipped through this website is protected by a warranty. Factory components that are installed in factories in the global automotive industry can degrade. Most engine warranty plans only supply coverage for 50,000 miles or less. PreownedEngines.com supports its SFI V8 blocks with a three-year protection plan.

Buy a Used Crown Victoria Car Engine

A quote will be required before a sale will be processed by the computer system here. It takes a VIN check and year of production to get the best price. Each person who taps into the interchange network of Ford salvage yards here will be treated to a discount MSRP. The toll-free support phone system that anyone has access to will offer direct answers to used auto parts questions offline.

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