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Cummins 12 Valve Engine for Sale

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Cummins produces many of the diesel automotive engines currently used in trucks and vans in the U.S. This independent company has provided motors to the agricultural industry for more than three decades. The partnership with Chrysler in the late 1980s first introduced the power of the B series engines to the public. Using this resource online to find Cummins 12 valve engine for sale inventory is easy. All preowned diesel engines offered here are shipped the same day as ordered.

The 1989 year was the first year of production for the 5.9 12 valve motors in the Ram pickup trucks. The ISB or Interact System B technology help to revolutionize the light duty truck market in the United States. Cummins continues to produce a majority of diesel motors used in pickup trucks. The 5.9 displacement offers four valves for each cylinder that is attached to the engine block. This added power is one of the reasons that truck owners have a preference over locating previously owned Cummins motors compared to gasoline counterparts.

Used Cummins Engines for Sale with Free Shipping

The 12 valve motors in 5.9 builds for the B series motors are what can be found at this Preowned Engines company website. Each motor that is ordered by consumers within the United States shipped free of charge as a benefit to buyers. Diesel engines are heavy blocks. Most retailers charge shipping due to the heavy weight. The removal of shipment fees for use diesel engines through this resource is one bonus buyers receive. Locating a U.S. source for used Cummins engines online is now easier for buyers.

When it comes to used engines, warranties remain essential due to the high risk of breakdown. Diesel engines are known globally for long-term use in most trucks and vans. These engines are still susceptible to various parts failures or manufacturer defects. This is especially true when dealing with used motors. Each used 12 valve Cummins motor that is shipped from this resource includes the full 24 month warranty coverage that most dealers leave out. The ISB Cummins motors that are now featured for sale each include this warranty for no additional charge.

Cummins 12 Valve Engine for Sale Quotes

A price quote from this resource is always accurate for engine buyers. This is due to the technological advancements featured in the quotation system for used diesel engines online. Each page on this resource is configured to present diesel motors at the lowest possible price. The quotes that are generated using the technology on this website help research to be conducted faster in the U.S. By selecting vehicle year and type from the quotes tool, prices can be immediately viewed by buyers. The toll-free telephone number placed on this website is a secondary contact form for buyers of engines. Calls to this number are routed to the customer service specialists offering diesel engine support offline.

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