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Oldsmobile Delta 88 5.0L Engine Sale

The Delta 88 used a 5.0-liter engine by Oldsmobile between 1980 and 1985. Before GM concentrated its auto parts development, the four-barrel carburetor ruled the world. A sedan and a coupe was manufactured with the full-size V8. A person can swap or replace one of these models with a used Oldsmobile Delta 88 engine in 5.0L displacement here.

GM 307 Engine Specs

The 307 CID is attached to both the VIN Y and VIN 9 versions. The high output (HO) block had the highest horsepower rating. The 180 hp cap was quite different from the base 140 hp. A four-barrel carburetor, not a two-barrel, is how fuel is delivered in the early 5.0-liter V8.

Oldsmobile Delta 88 vehicles were almost always configured with the THM 200R4 transmission. This turbo-hydramatic build was the preferred choice to sit behind the much larger V8 built at the time. The sedan and the coupe body styles offered 15 to 22 miles per gallon with the stock 8-cylinder.

The 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984 blocks were split between the base and HO power levels. After the 1988 production year, a spark control system was added to the electronic sensors. This was much different technology than what is available on the first generation cars.

Fixing Up a Delta 88

People who restore older automobiles can find parts shortages. Retail chain parts stores are not carrying components that are older than 30 years. The very best resource to tap into when fixing up a Delta 88 or Royale 88 due to a faulty engine is through salvage yards. The Preowned Engines company network includes hundreds of quality yards distributing 307 V8 builds.

Oldsmobile Engine Warranty Plans

The end of Olds by GM did not kill the parts supply market. There are millions of vehicles that are dismantled every year. Because tests reveal the quality of a 5.0L, what can be bought here online has already been tested. An expert mechanic review is part of the pre-selling procedures conducted to help the public.

Buy a Used Delta 88 Car Engine

A two and a three-year components warranty is not the only benefit delivered here. The best price data is calculated upon giving a VIN number using the quote computer on this page. 24 hours a day this intuitive system delivers deals and savings to car parts purchasers.

A second way to make a comparison of a sale price is to call into the customer support department. Using the phone number provided, speak directly with an Oldsmobile engine specialist.

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