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Dodge 2.7 Engine

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Chrysler introduced one of its LH series engines in 1998 known as the 2.7. This motor is one of the original builds that the Chrysler Corporation invested into. These 200 horsepower rated motors can still be found through second hand suppliers in the U.S. The 2010 year was the final year of the Dodge 2.7 engine although PreownedEngines.com is a resource with these in stock.

The Concorde was the first vehicle series to use the V6 LH 2.7 engine. The success with this luxury vehicle helped Chrysler to move the engine to the Dodge Intrepid and Stratus in the U.S. These vehicles are likely the most popular cars using the 60-degree V6 builds. These aluminum blocks are on sale at this resource for U.S. buyers. The Dodge brand motors supplied to customers here are OEM builds.

Used Dodge 2.7 Engines for Sale: No Oil Sludge

Issues were present in some of the 2000 series builds. Chrysler addressed these issues and the newer builds are featured through this resource. The V6 engines in the Chrysler portion of the PreownedEngines.com warehouse are all validated builds. This means that no engine is in stock that has not been checked out. One problem used engine buyers encounter through engine sources online is high mileage or defective blocks.

The Magnum, Sebring, Chrysler 300 and Avenger are additional brands the 2.7 is found inside. Buying replacements using this resource ensures quality is high. The warranty programs that are included for every engine sold guarantee quality. There are no unhappy buyers of OEM used Dodge engines for sale here. All support is provided for every engine sold. All validated engine types in stock are one of the reasons for the good reputation earned here.

How to Buy 2.7 Dodge Engines

There are a number of ways that a buyer can depend on to purchase engines here. A quick call to the customer service department starts the quotation process offline. A talented engines staff helps every caller. There are differences in engine codes. These can be explained over the phone. This is to ensure that the wrong engine type isn’t ordered. A quick quote can be generated through the customer service department. All support here is U.S. based.

Savvy engine researchers who are confident in their VIN numbers and engine matching can get quotes online. The online tool developed for easy usage on this site grants quotes. There are a couple of questions that need answered before distribution of pricing. Inputting the Dodge make and year into the search box produces immediate price results. There is always a steady supply of used Dodge brand motors here. Get a V6 2.7 engine quote now.

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