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Dodge Caliber Used 2.4L Engine

The 2.4-liter VIN K 8th digit four-cylinder engine from Dodge is for sale here.

The Caliber by Dodge was supposed to be a Neon replacement in the mid 2000s. After investing into more compact vehicles, Chrysler updated its engine platform. The World I4 units were equipped with better specs than earlier versions. Between the years 2007 and 2011, people purchased the R/T cars. A sale price on a Dodge Caliber used 2.4L engine is supplied on this auto parts portal.

2.4L Word Engine Specs

The push towards creating more DOHC versions was spearheading by Dodge. Because new transmissions were available, the four-cylinder models were equipped to handle the CVT2 gearboxes. This did help improve fuel economy. It also broadened the horsepower range to 172.

There are 144 cubic inches featured on the main block of the 2.4 motor. The compression ratio is 10:5:1 and is now standard on future base versions. While Chrysler experimented with more than one I4 block, the 2.0-liter and higher models performed the best. Many automobile manufacturers shared in the success of the World brand of blocks in the global industry.

Non-Tiger Shark Blocks

Some people might confuse the used Dodge Caliber engine for sale posted here for the Tiger Shark. These versions were not available in the R/T, but used primarily with the Dart cars. Recent installations include Jeep and Fiat automobiles that are under the Chrysler Corporation umbrella.

A multi-air valve system was borrowed from Fiat during development of the 2.4-liter production. This did improve air flow and resulted in a boost to the performance. Like Chevrolet and Honda, variable valve timing was something that set the R/T automobile motors apart from the competition.

OEM Block Parts Protection Plans

When someone buys a used car engine online from POE, a warranty is always given out. These are free of charge. Customers appreciate this show of good faith. Knowing a little bit about the way that auto industry works in the USA can prevent people from buying faulty products. Every second hand block goes through its own procedure for parts validation here.

Buy I4 2.4 Dodge Caliber Motors Online

The most accurate pricing can only be delivered once a vehicle identification number is validated. This procedure takes place virtually on this portal. When someone enters the right data, a discount price can be explored easily. Every junk yard where the blocks are acquired competes for the best possible MSRP. This data is then passed along here. Orders are processed swiftly for any residential or business delivery.

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