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Dodge Colt Engine Used

The Colt by Dodge is one of the imports originally designed by Mitsubishi. While the production of this vehicle can be traced to the early 1970s, American auto buyers took a while to warm up to the hatchback, sedan and wagon versions that were produced. Because there are numerous I4 motors in the Colt series, a person researching Dodge history or who is ready to buy a Dodge Colt engine used will find all data at this site.

The Colt, sometimes referred to as Plymouth Colt, was one of the subcompact vehicles that were created specifically for getting better fuel mileage. There were 7 total vehicle generations that were produced that housed different models of motors. The coupe, van, wagon or sedan designs all used variations of Mitsubishi motors.

Types of Colt Motors for Sale

There are a few of the import motors used in Dodge vehicles that can still be found as second hand units through U.S. retailers. The 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8 motors were inline four-cylinder builds. The main differences between each model was the number of valves and the horsepower level. A turbo motor was offered in the mid 1980s although this series was dropped in the U.S. market.

There were two-door body styles that were branded in the Eagle division of Diamond-Star motors that used the 1.5 and 1.8 motors. While most of the blocks were similar, each was able to house a different type of manual or automatic transmission. The speeds on these gearboxes ranged between 3, 4 and 5 speeds to complement to power of the Mitsubishi engines.

Problems with Dodge Colt Engines

Like all older vehicles, there were problems that were sorted out during each phase of production at Dodge and Mitsubishi. While no recalls were announced to the public, small problems with valves and other overheating issues were noted by some vehicle owners. The inventory of PreownedEngines.com motors for direct consumer sale at this resource include warranties that cover most part failures for each block.

Buying Cheap Four-Cylinder Engines

The options to save money that some consumers have includes buying a motor for a reduced price. While not every retailer discounts from the proposed MSRP, there are some providing much better prices. Someone who takes interest in purchase on the web a low cost and low mileage motor at this resource will save money.

To get started, pick the year and the Colt model from the search box. These options are then calculated by the system in order to produce an immediate point of sale price. Each price point can be reviewed or compared prior to a person purchasing a used four-cylinder Dodge Colt motor.

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