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Dodge Intrepid Engine

V6 Engine

Intrepid was a vehicle brand produced by Chrysler in the 1990s. This luxury sedan was part of new and improved vehicles designed to attract more U.S. buyers. The size of the engines were upgraded in this vehicle to promote newly created V6 technologies. PreownedEngines.com sells authentic Dodge Intrepid engine inventory for super low prices.

The 1993 year was the launch of the performance sedans by Dodge. The introduction to the sleek but stylish sedans was meant to capture a portion of the luxury market. The 3.3 was one of the early installations for the Intrepid. This engine was also used in the sister vehicle known as the Stratus. There were more than one engine type used for the Dodge luxury division vehicles.

Used Dodge Intrepid Engines for Sale

The 3.3 was upgraded to the 3.5 as more horsepower was added to the Intrepid vehicles. These motors were built exclusively for the luxury division and turbo charged options were available. The 2.7 is likely the most commonly requested second hand version of Dodge Intrepid engines. While this brand was produced only until 2004, there is still a heavy demand for the replacement engines.

What is included in a Dodge warranty? There are many OEM components that must be covered in a standard warranty. The preowned motors that are sourced direct through this website are designed for quality. A warranty has been created and paired with every V6 unit for sale. This provides an original document that coverage all luxury engines for sale. The Intrepid and compatible vehicle engines are included in this warranty series.

How to Buy a Dodge Intrepid Engine

A 2.7, 3.3 or 3.5 is easy to purchase here. A process of quotes extraction and review is the common way buyers make purchase decisions. Each V6 block that is distributed using this resource is meant for quality. Every price quote that is meant for customers to view can be requested when using the digital systems in place here online. The top of every page includes access the warehouse finder system.

A quote in price virtually online is also available by phone. Every customer who dials into the toll-free line is given access to friendly engine staff. It is the support these professionals provide that makes buying motors easy. Every Dodge engine for sale quoted by phone is done so quickly. Any questions about warranty length, engine quality or mileage can be answered using the phone quotes system in place.

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