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Dodge Omni Engine for Sale

The Dodge Omni used a four-cylinder engine block during its time for sale in the U.S. There were nearly a million vehicles produced from 1981 to 1990. This is quite an accomplishment for a compact motor vehicle. Replacing the block in ones of these cars is possible thanks to used inventory here. You can find a Dodge Omni engine for sale priced less.

2.2 Liter Motor Specs

The 2.2 was a godsend to the Chrysler company. It was the primary motor in almost every four-cylinder equipped motor vehicle. All of the compact passenger fleet had this K-Series block inside. It was able to achieve 96 horsepower in its final rendition. Even by the time that 1990 rolled around, the 2.2 liter was still being used.

Minivans and concept cars were also part of the Dodge family. Each were tired out with the base level I4 block. Since these builds are a workhorse, not much has to be changed on them to keep them up and running. The used 2.2 Omni engines that are listed here are in above average shape.

Warranties for Dodge Parts

Something that some consumers forget to ask about at the point of sale is a warranty plan. A person should never assume that a factory part is original nor is it protected. Doing an in-depth Q&A with a customer service rep is how information is gained. POE has an established service center and team. This is why we warranty all vintage Dodge motors.

Regardless if the 2.2 motor fits in the Omni or not, we take care of the public. We know the hoses, gaskets, distributor and other parts are functional. Even the exact count of miles on the block, when we know them, is provided to any buyer. We are a resource to buy through junk yards so we can pass along price discounts.

Engine for a Dodge Omni

Get your compact automobile running smoothly again. You can only find so many replacement parts in automotive stores before you have to swap the block. Get a low mileage option through our inventory at PreownedEngines.com. We support you with a warranty as well as a comfortable discount price.

You are given a quote number that is tied only to your personalized quote. You will use this number when you go to place an order. The sales we process for regular people who have never heard of our company is amazing. You will find no advertising on the web or in print about what we can do for people. We work off of word of mouth. Let us assembly a great discount price, free shipping and prompt delivery package for you today.