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Used Dodge Rampage 2.2 Engine

The Rampage relied on the 2.2 liter engine as part of the Dodge family. This coupe vehicle was Chrysler’s answer to the Chevy El Camino. With truck/car body styles becoming popular, the time was right to release this vehicle to world in 1982. Even though less than 50,000 cars were sold, you can buy a used Dodge Rampage 2.2 engine from our website here.

L Platform Engine Base

There were two vehicle trim styles that were associated with the Rampage concept vehicles. The first was just the base version. No stripes or extra styling was added. In 1983, Chrysler introduced the GT version. What each car held inside was a 2.2 liter engine block. Up to 96 horsepower is what this model could muster.

Only a three-speed automatic or four-speed transmission were the powertrain choices. To help boost sales in the Plymouth division, the Scamp was released after the model year 1983. Sales were not too strong, and this version was eliminated from the Dodge lineup.

Warranty On 2.2 Liter Motors

The age of the block is not the single factor to consider when buying any used motor. The reputation of Chrysler is great, but OEM parts will never last forever. Partners that we contract with remove working 2.2 liter engines for Rampage cars. After a good review is completed, we choose to have these added to our company inventory.

When you order through POE, a warranty comes standard. You will never pay anything other than the sale price we give to you. Think of the coverage as a reward for selecting our company. The regular period of coverage lasts about 36 months. That is pretty good reward.

Used Dodge Four-Cylinder Engines

Pricing is the most common piece of data that people request from us. Since we are receiving hundreds of these requests a day, we made it faster to know what are discounts and policies are. PreownedEngines.com uses a price calculator on all pages of this site. This is what consumer gain entry to every day of the week. This tool works 365 days a year as our virtual customer service agent.

You need to provide us with your current model year and size of your gearbox. This data is used by our computer to do all of the behind the scenes work. Once the request is completed, you will be give a quote number that features our sale price. You just have to call us to place your order. Always check with POE first before other places. It just so happens that few companies can match or even come close to the selling price that we give to our customers.