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Duratec 2.0L Engine

2.0L Ford engines use the Duratec name for blocks built under the Mazda L platform. While the name might be more familiar to V6 engine users, the 4-cylinder builds were based on the Sigma technology used first in the 1990s. The smaller gasoline powered blocks that Ford relies on have a good reputation in the U.S. Purchasing a Duratec 2.0L engine in used condition is easy here.

Ford DOHC 2.0 Duratec Motors

In the Focus and Mazda MX5 cars, the name of the motor can be different. Some people refer to it as the 2.0 Duratec while others call it the Duratec 20. The differences between the two blocks are very small. The reason for the name changes is to differentiate where the block was built. The 2.0 series are built for some Mazda cars while the Duratec 20 is a strict Ford build.

There is a 122 cubic inch displacement for the 4-cylinder edition. Production started in the 2001 year in the U.S. and is still ongoing. The inline 4-cylinder base is the entry-level motor found in more than one displacement. The 1.8, 2.5 and 2.3 are all based around the same fuel and horsepower technologies.

Ford introduced its Ecoboost block after the 2010 production year. This was offered as a 2.0 Turbo. It is not the base level motor and is offered as an upgrade. A person researching a second hand block might be confused about standard edition and turbo blocks. The Focus in S, SE and SES versions offered both the Duratec 20 and its turbo edition.

I4 First or Second Generation

Like most of the builds in the Ford family, there are multiple generations of auto engineering. The first phase began in 2001 and lasted until the 2005 year. Ford began offering different sizes of its Duratec builds to consumers. The second generation started in 2005 and continues to the present year. The slight variances in horsepower are the only major changes.

A person who intends to purchase a used condition Duratec motor should understand how replacement warranties work. The first thing to determine is if a coverage plan actually exists. Many retailers, including this PreownedEngines.com portal, offer motor blocks with an OEM plan for parts. These warranties need to be activated after a 2.0L is purchased.

Buy Used Ford 2.0L Engines Online

The checkout process that is active on this website is easy to complete. The entire procedure begins with an exploration of current retail sale prices. This happens once the make and year of the 2.0L motor is known. The distribution of sale price structures on this website keeps people coming back. The dual overhead cam Duratec 20 builds in stock are even shipped without charges for freight.

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