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Ecotec Turbo 1.4L Engine Used

The Ecotec turbo is a 1.4L displacement engine now used in Chevrolet vehicles. The 0 Family blocks are now standard across many subsidiaries at the General Motors company. This transition to building new technologies is helping GM to remain a global leader in the manufacturing of turbocharged vehicles. There are two different RPO codes that refer to the Ecotec turbo 1.4 engine. Each of these are offered for a sale price here.

The subcompact cars built under the Delta II manufacturing schedule are ones that sport the 1.4-liter block. The technology was borrowed from the Opel vehicles that were built for the European market. After release in the USA, the 1.4 turbo Ecotec is quickly becoming a build that is changing how smaller vehicles are constructed. Along with the separate block codes, there are different ratios of engine compression.

Generation III Ecotec Engines

The inline design of the 1.4 is different in the European and North American market. The first difference is the amount of horsepower that is presented. While there are 1398cc and 1364cc in the separate builds, compression is slightly different. The LUJ and LUV have a ratio of 9:5:1. This has become standard in all 138 horsepower models. The expanded bore and stroke is part of the 0 family design.

The average Ecotec 1.4L 4-cylinder engine has an RPM range of about 6000. The late model builds feature what is called an “overboost” speed system. This compensates for additional power during high velocity. The Chevrolet Sonic, Aveo, Cruze and Buick Encore are three of the latest vehicle brands featuring a turbo powered motor.

There are aluminum cylinders that are found on all of the 1.4 turbo Ecotec editions. This provides good heat dissipation. Starting in the year 2011, General Motors began building out its new line of 21st century blocks that are now found in American vehicles. Part of what the PreownedEngines.com provides to consumers who use this website is a premium value.

1.4L Turbocharged Engines for Sale

While researching to find the best prices possible, consumers who are exploring this website will find excellent deals. The work it takes to find, evaluate and procure a replacement Chevy motor is not something the average dealer can complete successfully. The review of mileage is a key to established a good inventory. All OEM motors that are in used condition that are supplied on this website are units that do showcase a respectable mileage count.

Someone who decides to go all in and purchase a used 1.4 Chevy engine will appreciate the ordering center here. A staff of experts answer all phone calls or provide website support assistance. Speaking with a pro ensures that every person shopping here has a good buying experience. The standard MSRP or MAP pricing in the auto industry automotive parts is not found here on this website.

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