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Honda Element 2.4L Engine for Sale

The Element used the 2.4L K engine built by Honda starting in 2003. The crossover design was created to lure in buyers of compact and mid-size automobiles. The Element was discontinued in the 2011 year although used parts can be purchased from dealers. Right from this website, a Honda Element 2.4L engine is discounted daily. Resellers, auto body shops, mechanics and salvage yards buy motors online here.

2.4L Honda Engine Specs

Honda built most of its four-cylinder engines with leading technology. What was learned from the Civic was that VTEC was highly regarded by consumers. In response to the latest electronics elements, the iVTEC system was born. The 2.4-liter is a 16-valve block. A higher than average compression of 9:7:1 is supplied.

A decent 160 horsepower was available in the K24A4 and K24A8 editions. Only slight increases in the performance was added in the later installments. A timing chain as well as an electronic fuel system helped to set the 2.4L Element engine apart from its competitors.

The variable valve intake is an airflow system unique to Honda. Companies like General Motors have started to develop competitive air systems for automobile engines. Purists know that the early formation of the I4 with late model air intake systems was made by Honda Motor Company.

Warranty for a Honda Element SUV

After the base 50,000 miles, most of the powertrain components are not covered. This is pretty much standard in OEM contracts. People buying automobile parts from third-party resources should always request a warranty plan. PreownedEngines.com leads the secondary market due to its term of coverage protection.

The K-series I4 blocks that anyone has access to purchase here are top quality. Experts have hand picked what lines the warehouse shelves. Every unit is crated and has been slightly cleaned before shipment. This results in happier consumers who dislike dirty engines.

2.4L Honda Element Engine Prices

Outdated price data and shipping costs that are too high kill most consumer sales. A different approach is needed and offered at POE. By teaming up with Honda junk yards nationally, components remain in excellent condition. No one will have to deal with excess surface rust, faulty heads or broken wiring harnesses here.

To get the most from an SUV motor swap, paying as little as possible for a four-cylinder is the key. Prices remain low here for two reasons. The first is that quotes are automatically given out. No one has to be paid to research and compile MSRP for a customer. The second is that only pros in the industry are tapped to be the distributors of ordered products.

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