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GMC Envoy 4.2L Engine for Sale

The Envoy by GMC used a 4.2 engine from 2002 to 2009. This GMT 360 platform vehicle was designed to fit the straight 6 Vortec block. Two trim options were made available to the public. These included XL and XUV. While the full-size SUV remains popular, a GMC Envoy 4.2L engine can easily be purchased using this website. All inventory is used condition.

4.2-Liter V6 Specs

The street name for the 4.2 is known as the Vortec 4200. This I6 block was unique at GM due to its 4160 cc size. What someone will find when planning to swap out this series is that it is not necessary to modify the chassis or mounts. A range of 275 horsepower is the rated performance level.

The full 254 CID found in the Envoy motor block is one of the largest 6-cylinder versions made. Known as the LL8 RPO code, a MAS or Mass Airflow Sensor was added to control the fuel economy. The best way to identify the 4.2-liter is to know its vehicle ID.

There was only one LL8 produced for the entire run of the Envoy. The stamp of VIN S 8th digit identifies the block. Although the motor is large, it was not quite big enough to warrant a larger transmission. Only a 4-speed automatic was the choice for consumers.

LM4 or LL8: The Differences

The Denali trim was introduced prior to the discontinuance of the Envoy SUV. The LM4 block was the 5.3-liter V8 that was offered as an upgrade from the base version I6. Spending some time searching around the web to find a used condition variant might confuse a person. There were two options for a block, but only one 6-cylinder was marketed in the USA.

What the 4.2L supplied as up to 19 miles per gallon. For the V8 editions, this amount was a little lower. The DOHC (dual overhead cam) design contributed to the average MPG. There were no turbochargers, additional sensors or other goodies on the 4200 motor.

Buy Used GMC Envoy Engines

Adults shopping this website have two choices to make. The first is whether a web or phone price quotation is needed. What a person should expect is high quality customer service when buying something used. That is supplied here. The second is what type of delivery is required. A lift gate is almost always needed due to the large weight of the inventory.

The customer support that is provided by phone will help explain all options to consumers. Should a question need to be answered, a professional who knows GM products will be on the line.

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