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Cadillac Escalade 5.7L Engine Sale

The Escalade used a 5.7L engine during its 1999 to 2000 production year. As part of the Generation I manufacturing at GM, the full-size luxury SUV was born. The F4 chassis design was one of the differences in the GMT 400 platform. The success of the 8-cylinder block for decades immediately promoted the Cadillac sport utility vehicles as top quality. The best prices for a Cadillac Escalade 5.7L engine for sale are published here.

RPO L32 Engine Specs

The heart of the 350 motor block is partly the Vortec nameplate. The five-door SUV models were selected for the final years of manufacturing for the L32 V8 engine. A grand total of 4600 RPM is found in the 5.7-liter edition. A similar power level is now placed in the Ecotec family.

Known as the Vortec 5700, there are 255 horsepower delivered in the factory blocks. The automatic 4L60E transmission is the version selected for use with the V8. The 350 CID displacement has remained a successful build for General Motors.

To identify the Escalade motor, the VIN R 8th digit 5.7L is stamped on the underside of the casing. The fuel mileage does vary especially when speaking about a used condition version. The GM official specifications list 11 to 15 miles per gallon for its 8-cylinder.

Problems with Escalade Engines

There are no repeated issues with the 5.7-liter blocks in Cadillac SUVs. Most of what can go wrong happens when people do not perform routine maintenance. A review from a mechanic a couple of times a year can keep a Vortec motor in top condition. PreownedEngines.com chooses to deal with suppliers that are able to independently verify the hoses, wires, gaskets and fuel systems for all distributed inventory in the USA.

Used 5.7L Complete Blocks with Warranties

A total warranty period of two years is provided at the point of sale here. When something goes wrong with the factory installed GM parts, a repair or replacement is offered. The fabricated components are almost all covered under the general warranty policies here.

Buy Engines for Cadillac Escalade SUV

Two choices are given to people using this website. After a small history lesson of the L32 motor, a buying option is supplied. Orders are placed by phone as well as online. Sometimes, support from an automotive expert is needed.

A quick e-mail or phone call can take care of any requests adults might have. Internet based quotations are displayed on the top of this page. The toll-free number given out here works in the U.S. and Canada.

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