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Ford Explorer 4.6L Engine for Sale

Explorer by Ford was improved with a 4.6L engine in 2002. The previous 4.0 Cologne block was dropped from active production. As a way to revamp its SUV products, the Modular 8-cylinder took over as the primary motor. Success was instantly gained for the Ford Explorer 4.6L engine. These units can be ordered as preowned builds from this website.

SOHC V8 4.6 Motors

The power level is 238 horsepower for the 4.6. These were built in two different plans by Ford. A VIN 6 or VIN W will identify which production facility made the final block. The single overhead cam was smaller in size than the Lincoln versions.

The cubic inch displacement is 281 in the Explorer motor. When doing a Ford Explorer 4.6 swap, selecting the right size is important. The main difference in the 5.4 and 4.6 is the technology. Metric differences and a power boost is found in the Triton block.

Modular engines have been used in most trucks, luxury cars and sport utility vehicles at Ford Motor Company. While a newer family of motors has been developed, people still search the second hand industry for good products.

V8 Explorer Engine Evaluations

Mileage and excessive rust are two things to be aware of when parts shopping. Depending on the retail source, exterior condition might be superior. The general idea is to choose a build with low enough mileage that wear is not a long-term issue. Parts do often fail after 90,000 miles. A third-party protection plan for OEM parts will save someone money.

The team at PreownedEngines.com is very careful. When a junk yard has used Ford engines for sale, these are evaluated first. A lot goes into the process. There is no dyno testing, but a professional grades all stock. This is how inventory here is kept above average.

Best Value 4.6 Explorer Engines

People buy here for a reason. This reason is usually the discounts and savings. Because shipping is included in the price, most shop owners get a good deal. The combination of adding in a warranty for replacement parts is a huge sales tactic. Anyone who owns a Ford SUV or other vehicle can buy anything in stock daily.

Order processing takes place once quotes are reviewed. By e-mail, online or by phone is how people get the price details. Anyone in the USA or in Canada can lookup a VIN or other information on this portal. If not all details are presented, a fast call to the experts answering the customer service number here will help. The 4.6 engine for sale stock here is always the lowest price online.

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