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F150 Lariat Engine for Sale OEM Blocks

The Lariat has been part of the F150 brand since the mid 1970s. Engines for this truck range between V6 and V8 builds depending on the year. The modern-day F-Series trucks are now built with a variety of complex gasoline and diesel motor blocks. Someone who is getting into the research phase before buying an F150 Lariat engine for sale can find price details and stock status information on this consumer website.

There have been 13 generations of F-Series trucks with different trim levels. The Lariat is one of the most popular, and one of the only builds to include more than one size of engine. Before buying a standard gas motor, it is helpful to understand the different models that can be purchased on the second hand market. Not every dealer has current stock of 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder editions.

Used Ford Lariat Engine Specs

The official specs that Ford has published for its variety of blocks in its truck series can change from year to year. The horsepower is just one of the elements that can be different. The regular edition 2.6-liter is rated for 325 hp. This is because it is one of the Ecoboost family blocks. The 3.5-liter although larger in size carries only a 282 horsepower rating.

The largest block that has ever been used inside of the Lariat is the 5.0-liter. With a top performance level of 385 hp, it still remains one of the most popular blocks to buy in used condition. The used Ford Lariat engine inventory that is promoted on this website is always in stock ready for a person to buy. Durability as well as MSRP are two important concerns for consumers.

F150 Truck Craigslist Alternatives

It is much easier to find a late model build compared to one built in the 1970s. The reason is that there were more pickup trucks produced in the late 20th century. There are some older blocks that can still be purchased although mileage can and will vary. Because of the massive buying power of the POE company, the 2.7, 3.6 and larger 5.0 can be found at a price point better than most local junk yards.

Quotes for V6 or V8 Lariat Engines

Part of what a consumer will find while searching on this website is the history of modern trucks. When mileage is available, this information is also presented. The warranty plans and shipping incentives that are offered here to buyers helps seal the deal. To receive an immediate quote that fits into any budget, use the automated tool on this portal. Customer service can be called at anytime to verify stock status or shipment information.

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