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Ford Fiesta 1.6L Engine Used

The ST Fiesta used two 1.6L engine blocks at Ford after the 2013 year. Building on its success in the European market, Ford Motor Company brought the compact design to the USA. The hatchback models that are for sale rely on either a Duratec or Ecoboost block. Someone in the market to buy a Ford Fiesta 1.6L engine used can shop here online.

Fiesta Engine Specs

The block casing is made from an aluminum alloy material. The DOHC build is one that Ford has placed its trust into. The standard Duratec base was offered only during the first year of North American production. New motors were manufactured due to the variable valve timing chains.

The Ecoboost version is a turbocharged motor. The 1.6-liter displacement did not change although a 6-speed transmission is required. Ford uses its Powershift assemblies combined with the MFI fuel system. The cubic inch displacement for the Fiesta motor is 97.

The year of manufacture dictates the horsepower rating. Anything produced before 2010 has 104 hp specs. The post 2013 models feature 132 hp. Someone who cannot find a used Ford Fiesta engine for sale is often reduced to paying MSRP for a crate version online.

1.6L Ford Motor Warranty

Buying something used does scare people sometimes. It is very difficult to verify condition based on only a photo. People leave the determination up to retailers, and this can be a mistake in most cases. Anyone on this website can rest assured that inventory is good condition.

A protection plan of at least three years is given out at the point of sale. These are not all-inclusive warranties, but cover many defects and failures in OEM components. Many SE, S, Hatch, Titanium and ST Fiesta cars are sold with short-term warranties. A secondary market motor must be covered for consumers.

Buy Used Fiesta I4 Blocks Online

Apart from a price research tool, this portal provides an e-commerce section. When a quote is looked up and locked in, someone can then choose to pay in full. The easy to use checkout system on this page can be used with any Internet connected PC or tablet. Getting a quote includes supplying a model year and/or VIN number.

A consumer who has a question may make contact with us by telephone. A toll-free line is always available to call in the U.S. and Canada. Every scrap yard supplying the preowned 1.6L Ford motors on sale here is checked out prior to placing orders.

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