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Ford Focus 1.6L Engine Sale Price

Ford placed the 1.6 liter I4 engine inside of its Focus in 2010. The sale plan for this block included offering a turbo with the regular four-cylinder configuration. Even though the automobile design is a compact, the engineers knew that power would be requested by consumers. A Ford Focus 1.6L engine is found here in second hand condition ready to ship inside North America.

Specs for the Ecoboost I4

The natural progression of automobile manufacturing leads to discontinuing older technology in favor of new. Ford Motor Company took this approach when it terminated further development on its Duratec family. The 1.6L 16-valve Ti-VCT is a push forward in another direction. The variable camshaft timing has better control over air flow.

In FWD vehicles, the displacement is typically smaller compared to European cars. There are 97.5 cubic inches in the Focus motors used in late model builds. Each is built with the full compatibility for five-speed and six-speed transmissions. When it comes to speed, the 120 hp range is respected for subcompact designs.

The SAE rating is 6300 RPM for all versions of the Ecoboost 1.6 block. This verification did help to move sales to a higher position for hatchback and sedan vehicles. The common person who will swap out an I4 can secure a price reduction.

Complete Salvage Warranty

In terms of supplying a guarantee, few companies that deal directly with the public will honor a parts plan after a six-month window has passed. The facility production of OEM components still does not mean that a valve or ignition system will last forever. PreownedEngines.com supplies a coverage policy locked in by its supplier partners.

Simple things that a mechanic can fix such as a battery, water pump and other expendables are almost never covered. When it comes to electronic modules and more expensive repairs, this is usually what the 24-month underwritten coverage applies to. People shopping on this portal to buy the I4 motor found in a Focus or a used Ford Fiesta engine block get orders delivered with a free warranty plan.

Price for Used Ford Motors

Call it a junk yard if you want to. POE refers to these as secondary market suppliers. MSRP is typically discounted from every company where inventory sources from. This does help offer a lower replacement price when compared to dealership fees. The direct discounts that a person acquires using the open computer platform here are always correct. No out of date data is passed along to a willing buyer of the inventory.

Tap the quote tool while using any smartphone or other mobile device. The same procedure is completed by average people browsing on an Internet PC. The arranged price is automatically displayed. The terms of every sale are presented. The shopping cart system found here will help someone complete the order procedure and shipping arrangements. The service department phone number is always available to call offline.