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Ford 3.5 Ecoboost Engine for Sale

Ford has used its Ecoboost 3.5 V6 engine in many vehicles. While it was a rocky start, this build is actually reliable. The fuel-saving technology in the late model 6-cylinder builds was received well by consumers. When it comes to second hand shopping, buying a Ford 3.5 Ecoboost engine for sale makes sense. Buyers should never pay dealer prices for these units.

Specs of the V6 3.5

Ford Motor Company finds success when installing motors across all sizes of vehicles. The Flex was the first vehicle to help market the 3.5L around the word. The MKT from Lincoln and F150 soon followed. The Explorer Sport vehicle also had the power of the 365 hp engine.

The displacement stands at 213 CID. The size of the block is much larger than other automaker brands. A 10:0:1 compression is packed into the DOHC build. The heads are aluminum and so is the block. The official rating is 21 MPG although this usually varies.

A twin turbocharged system is new for the Ford 3.5 V6 engine. The aspiration is needed for the high pressure injection system. The camshaft is not known to have any defects although vehicle owner incidents were usually isolated.

Warranties for 3.5-Liter Motors

Ford put out its standard 60,000-mile warranty plan at dealerships. What most people find from salvage yards does not carry a long-term warranty plan. PreownedEngines.com has a good package for all buyers. Not only does the price include freight, but the coverage is in effect for a three-year period.

Is the Ford 3.5 a good engine? Yes, if someone gets one with parts coverage. Just like any size V6, a problem could happen. This can be addressed through a retailer or service mechanic. Someone buying for the first time should check for any recent recalls on products. This eliminates most problems.

Buy Ecoboost Engines Here

A full stock of used automobile motors is provided at POE. Only the editions that decent mileage and less wear and tear are acquired. This gives every consumer the chance to compete. The price structures are simple to learn and understand. Year of manufacturing and any deterioration play a role in determining the final discounts that are offered.

Using the tools put into place on this website, a fair estimate for the used Ecoboost Ford engines is given. We even operate a state-of-the-art call center offline. This is how 50 percent of our customers get in touch with us. Ask us anything. We are always here helping regular people get the best deals on complete engine packages.