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Used Ford 4.9L V6 Engine

The roots of the 4.9L V6 Ford truck engine can be traced to its use in the 1965 year. Known as the Ford 300, this inline 6 block was used for more than 30 years before its abrupt termination in the 1996 year. What this motor block lacked in horsepower was made up for with long-term use. Most people appreciate the way that the cast iron block still holds up today. Shopping this website produces the best prices for a Ford 4.0L V6 engine online.

The 300 received its street name due to its 300 cubic inch displacement. While it was not the largest block, it was considered the most reliable. A range of vehicles were produced to easily accept the 4.9L I6 design. These include the F150, E150, E250 and Bronco. Getting a low mileage Ford 4.9 for sale is not always easy because these units were built to outlast more than 300,000 miles.

The Ford 4.9 Long Block

As one of many naturally aspirated designs, the 300 CID series had a basic level of compression. A mere 8:8:1 delivered up to 145 horsepower to 150 horsepower in some cases. This level could be achieved only through the max out at 3400 RPMs. The late model editions were installed with a TPS sensor that provided more control over the throttle. There is still a a plentiful inventory nationally for the used I6 motors that Ford no longer produces.

A person who wants to buy a Ford Bronco 4.9 for sale does not have to purchase a certain type of block. This is the same OEM version that was found in the Econoline and truck series. This does not limit a person who only needs one of the F-Series motor blocks featuring the Ford 300 stamp. A quicker way to find out what the going rate is for a Ford truck 4.9 engine is to use tools featured on this page.

Buy a 4.9 Ford Engine Here

All of the vacuum lines, gaskets and other parts that are installed on every used block promoted on this website are covered under a warranty. This is an extra consumer incentive for buyers of used Ford I6 engines on this portal. The PreownedEngines.com company works with its suppliers to provide a longer term of protection compared with a regular 90-day warranty. An extension between two and three years is the most common policy that is offered.

A purchase takes almost no time to complete here. Once the right vehicle identification number has been made using the motor finder, a calculated price tag is then displayed. Someone who does not know a date code or model number can always revert back to using the production year as a base level search.

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