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Ford 6.2 V8 Engine for Sale

The F-Series trucks have used the 6.2-liter engine at Ford since the year 2010. The SuperDuty trim is where most people will find the option of the larger V8 blocks. With FFV technology, the used Ford 6.2 V8 engine for sale that is available here is a good value. It is fair to say that these are a steal of a price.

Specs of the 6.2 Gas Block

The powertrain in modern day truck must be tough. Ford switched over to its EFI fuel system to broaden the speed capabilities. The blocks are made from cast iron although are not too heavy. The 8-cylinder has its standard 9:8:1 compression. By adding a powerful 385 horsepower level, the SuperDuty is back on top.

What is the size of an F-Series fuel tank? The newer sizes are 35 gallons. Most of the 14,000 pound vehicles have these larger fuel capacity tanks. The SOHC block is built for 4×2 and 4×4 use. The used 6.2 EFI Ford engine units that are on sale here are mostly low mileage.

No Issues with the SuperDuty Engines

The 6.2 was manufactured to be the gas equivalent of the Powerstroke. Many people who do not like to mess with diesel maintenance go for the V8. Any incidents as far as mechanical failure were isolated to each truck owner of the SuperDuty. Ford has never made a massive recall of the 6.2L Raptor or other models.

In its recycled form, the Ford 6.2 liter V8 crate engine is a dependable motor. Parts are still available through many retail outlets in the USA and Canada. Before swapping out a unit in exchange for another one, keeping the parts availability concept in mind is essential.

Prices for Used 6.2L Truck Motors

Ford got it right with its 6-liter and above blocks. The popularity of the Triton likely had something to do with the surge in demand for the 379 CID build. The used Boss engines that are presented on this website are salvage finds. Our team has hooked up with excellent sources in order to find this limited inventory.

Price tags never change here unless MSRP goes up. Since the base mileage is only 60,000 under warranty at a dealership, preowned blocks usually cost less. We use this to our advantage. Finding the best deals means using our warehouse price system online. Input the requested data and start comparing our discounts. People can even call us by phone. We are friendly and have the fastest shipping schedules around.