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Ford 6.7 Engine for Sale

6.7 is a Ford brand of diesel engine used while for sale in F-Series trucks. The V8 design supplies the necessary power that consumers appreciate for heavy-duty vehicles. Part of the performance is accomplished with the installed turbocharger. Even with its 13 quarts of oil capacity, the fuel economy is considered above average. POE has a Ford 6.7 engine for sale from warehouse inventory in the USA.

There are 32 valves in total. For weight estimation purposes, about 990 pounds should provide the basis for a shipping quote. The block is constructed of an advanced graphite iron that reduces the weight compared to the Cummins. The OHV configuration was kept by Ford because it fits well with the 409 cubic inch displacement.

Specs for 6.7 Diesel Motors

The compression is fixed at 16.2:1. This high level does provide some extra horsepower. Because of the natural aspiration of the EGR valve, premium power is achieved at almost any speed. The base model 390 horsepower has recently been improved to 440 hp as of the 2017 year. Ford Motor Company continues to build superior blocks that are built in factories around the world.

The trick to getting a good deal on a used diesel engine is to acquire one from a valuable resource. PreownedEngines.com adds several suppliers every month to its emerging list of companies. Since each warehouse has a specified number of stock on hand, intelligent research is needed to find inventory that can be shipped to any destination.

Ford Parts Warranty Included

What happens after two years of ownership? In cases not including POE, components likely fail and consumers end up paying for repairs through a local mechanic. The Ford Powerstroke engine inventory that is available any time to order here is always protected through a warranty plan.

These plans are enacted to supply a sufficient coverage period up to 36 months. Things like a water pump are generally excluded from coverage due to these being rebuilt and reinstalled in most cases. The warranty kicks in immediately after one is activated. This provides an optimal benefit for an F-Series truck owner.

Price Quote for 6.7 Motors

The MSRP is no indication of what the selling price is through a regular dealer. Once some information is obtained, the real negotiations can take place. POE built its quotation system to please the general public. The speed at which the system calculates a discount price is pretty impressive.

Take a look around in the parts computer to get an immediate quote. A button to click on to go through with an order is presented at all times. There is a toll-free number where we answer questions about Ford diesel engines daily. Call us to make any inquiry and learn what it feels like to be treated with respect.