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Ford Bronco 5.8 Engine for Sale

The Bronco by Ford used its 5.8 motor as its V8 flagship in the year 1978. As a contrast to the 6.6L, the 351 CID was suited more for general usage. In later models, the XL and XLT were the trim options for SUVs with the small block V8. People pay less for a used Ford Bronco 5.8 engine for sale on this POE website.

5.8L Bronco Motor Specs

The basic specs are simple to understand. Ford Motor Company did not change the 351M block too much. Although the actual displacement was only 5.75L, it was rounded off to become the trusted 5.8-liter in all documentation. Even with the Borg Warner transmissions, the horsepower was defined as 205.

3800 RPM was the max that the Bronco could deliver. Even with competition from the Windsor V8, people still preferred the 351M. The Bronco was finally terminated in the year 1996. There are no current plans to bring it back with the 8-cylinders of power.

302 Versus 351

People who liked the straight 6 option chose the 302. This 4.9L displacement was the fuel-friendly version. There is a lot of competition among people who appreciate the history of the Bronco in North America. A lot of sport utility vehicle owners still go with the larger displacement for torque and towing purposes.

How do you buy a used Ford Bronco motor? There are several ways to answer this question. The most simplest way involves checking out more than one salvage source. Things like busted tappets, leaking gaskets and blown headers are common to find. Not everyone wants to buy a complete block with low mileage. Some people use the parts to build up another motor.

5.8L Engine Warranty Length

PreownedEngines.com has a good plan for warranty coverage. This applies to all 5.8 motors from a junk yard that we sell. What people are more concerned with at the point of sale is the variety of parts coverage. Since OEM components are not easy to find, buyers of motors like a little assurance during ownership.

Buy Used Ford Bronco Engines

The 5.8 is one rough and tough motor. These are still found in the inventory of domestic scrap yards across the country. Our team knows how and what to purchase. We fill up our primary warehouse to cut our regular delays common when shipping used motors nationally.

The lowest prices are found using our quote tool or calling us directly. We never waste time. We get right to the point. No arrogant sales people work at our company.