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Ford Escort Engine

Escort Motor

Ford Escort was designed as a fuel efficient vehicle in the 1981 year. Success of earlier models like the Pinto helped Ford to create new vehicle brands. The engines that were selected for the Escort were based on the CVH technology. PreownedEngines.com supplies Ford Escort engine inventory in used condition to U.S. buyers online.

The 1.9 motor is the most common entry-level motor in the Escort. This smaller displacement was not built for horsepower. These motors were fuel economy engines created exclusively for smaller vehicles. Ford did offer more than one engine build throughout the production of the Escort in the U.S. Every few years engines were changed. The majority of engines produced are now featured in the warehouse inventory accessible from this website.

Escort Engines for Sale: Ford and Mazda

A partnership for design and production with Mazda benefitted the Ranger and Escort brands. A 1.8 engine was available starting the early 1990s. This offered a larger B-Series engine in place of the CVH build. Ford later upgraded to the 2.0 as the production cycle was decreased. The SOHC and DOHC editions of the 2.0 are among the motors distributed through this website.

How much is a Ford warranty? Most Ford Escort vehicles are out of the original warranty period. Buyers of a motor are left up to the mercy of dealers that choose or deny coverage for OEM parts. Getting a good warranty is not easy from some sources. The extended warranty plans that are provided with used motors here offer good coverage. All displacements that are available have warranty protection attached with each engine for sale.

How to Buy a Ford Escort Engine

The process to purchase a replacement motor is important to learn. Some companies hide pricing until the sale is almost processed. Every accurate price distributed through this resource includes the actual sale price. A quote is the easiest way to view and compare four-cylinder engine prices here. A request can be submitted using the programmed tools available for use here.

A quick call to the customer service department is also set up to help consumers find pricing. This old but trusted method is still in use. A knowledgeable specialist offers immediate access to engine pricing. Any build in stock can be quoted or questions can be asked about engine quality. Speaking with a person who knows Ford engines is crucial. There are no surprises in engine pricing that are found through this website.

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