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Ford Excursion Diesel Engine for Sale

The 6.0L V8 was used in the Excursion SUVs that are diesel powered. The initial installation took place in the year 1999. The direct replacement for the infamous 7.3-liter was the newly adopted Powerstroke 6.0. Ford fans and those who appreciate rival company vehicles could not mistake the features of this V8. There are a number of steps to take when looking for block for a Ford Excursion online. In stock data for each Ford Excursion diesel engine for sale unit is found on this page.

Specs of the 6.0-Liter

A bulky 325 horsepower is the first thing that people loved about the newer Powerstroke. This turbocharged block provides four valves for every cylinder. The shippable weight is near 900 pounds. The block is a cast iron composite. It does take about 15 quarts of oil to fill the oil to the top. As a direct injection model, a lot of power comes from the dual flywheel system.

The compression ratio is rated at 18:0:1. The cubic inch displacement is 365. These are based on the official specs by Ford in its bulletins and owner manuals. Every Excursion 6.0 for sale that is posted on this website is in used condition. This does keep the retail price to a much lower margin.

A special thermostat system does cool the engine. This is different compared to some diesel blocks that Ford Motor Company has utilized. A fuel pressure regulator comes with all versions. A modular water pump and EGR cooler round out the cooling mechanism. The ECT sensor is always installed OEM.

Issues With Second Hand Powerstroke Motors

When someone shops Craigslist or another website, it is not easy to determine the actual quality of the motor. Since most that are advertised are complete builds, it can be safe to say that mileage is the largest hurdle to get past. Rusted parts do not provide the support that they once did. Corrosion, leaks and valve issues are all part of the 6.0L Excursion engine issues with some used assemblies.

A parts and service warranty plan is distributed with every order stemming from this website. This does protect the average person from any problems. While not every block is pristine and shiny new, the quality is there especially for a preowned diesel engine.

Where to Buy Used V8 Diesel Blocks

Since the Powerstroke is an integral component at Ford, the second hand market is pretty steady with inventory. This means good things for regular people. Supply and demand help drive down the total MSRP cost. PreownedEngines.com uses its database in order to promote discounts from its suppliers.

Anyone with a VIN number or other data type can begin price research here. Calls are also accepted to the service department should a price tag be unavailable during exploration online.

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