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Ford Expedition Engine

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Ford introduced its luxury SUV known as the Expedition in the mid 1990s. This vehicle series was a huge improvement to the Explorer. As Escalade and other brands from GM dominated the SUV scene, Ford designed its Expedition to compete on a global level. PreownedEngines.com offers a growing Ford Expedition engine inventory online. This inventory is complete and shippable in the United States.

The smaller V6 used in some of the Explorer vehicles was not used as the engine of choice in the Expedition. The Triton series that remained popular in the F-Series trucks was selected instead. This engine was first offered as a 4.6 edition. This is the same engine that was used in the Lincoln vehicle brand. Ford later produced the 5.4 and it was also included from 1998 to the present day.

Used Ford Expedition Motors for Sale

It takes retailers and distributors working together to build great inventory. The Expedition inventory of engines that are found through this website helps all buyers. The quality found in some preowned engines is pretty low. The difference between most motors is the care and attention that previous owners provide. All Triton used engines that are sourced through this resource give buyers what they want. This means low mileage and a good price.

Ford continues to use the 5.4 as the main engine in its luxury SUV brands. The only change made to this engine is the number of valves available. Most Triton engines can handle up to 24 valves. The different types of valve combos in the 5.4 series are found in the company inventory here. Expedition motor warranties are another feature with the inventory for sale. These warranties are combined with offers for reduced and free shipping in the U.S.

How to Buy Ford Expedition Engine Inventory

Any motor can be replaced by a qualified technician. What buyers are more concerned with is the final price at purchase. Preowned Engines makes it simple for all buyers of used motors. A quote is price is easy to request using the tools that are programmed for public use here online. Every tool that is featured here is linked right to the offline warehouse inventory of Triton motors.

If a request is unable to be submitted online, there is a phone system that is available for use. Any engine buyer is welcome to call by phone and ask about pricing. This line is not a sales line. A specialist assists with research of VIN numbers, engine codes and provides mileage information. All quotes that are distributed in price by phone are equal to those generated online. There are no limitations on price quote requests here.

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