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Ford Focus 2.0 SOHC Engine for Sale

The Focus cars by Ford used 2.0L SPI motors in the early 2000s. When searching for a replacement, a common way to identify these units is the vehicle ID. VIN P 8th digit refers to the very Ford Focus 2.0 SOHC engine for sale that we provide on this website. These are very good condition used models with average mileage.

Split Port Injection 2.0-Liter

A carry over of a lot of technology from the Escort to the Focus was completed. According to legend, most of what is found in the pre 2007 cars comes straight from the Ford Escort. What people like about the split port injection single overhead head 2.0L is the power.

The CVH block was built to perform best without maxing out the horsepower. A respected 110 hp was offered until the year 2004. The trim levels that have the 2.0 SPI block include the LX and SE. These were the sedan and wagon automobiles. This was before Ford switched over to using the Duratec I4 family.

2.0 SPI Motors for Sale

It is possible to use the same four-cylinder in the early Focus cars inside of a late 1990s Escort. Many people have done it. There might be some wiring harness changes and the computer might need to be reprogrammed. It is not impossible. People who appreciate DIY car repair without going to a mechanic can do it.

The PreownedEngines.com company only sells top notch Zetec engines for compact cars. These all have been inspected. A team of professionals sits in on the evaluations. This does not mean that every block does not have surface rust. It is sometimes impossible to get a hold of a unit that does not have some rust on it.

Warranty Period for I4 Builds

Covering the OEM parts for a 24 or 36-month period is typical here. Too many Ford junk yards do not support customers 90 days after a sale. To make things easier, our extended warranty platform is a good thing to have. This does not cost any extra money. We try to cover all of the parts that are common to break after long use periods.

Buy Used Focus 2.0 Engines

Just landing on this page is a big step. Adults who are ready to take another big step can ask for pricing. This happens most of the time through use of our computer tool. No one has to input a lot of personal data. Just the vehicle basics are more than enough. Our system pulls pricing out of our warehouse daily. If someone would like to call, a used Zetec engine can be priced by phone.