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Ford Pinto 2.0 Engine for Sale

Pinto cars by Ford used the 2.0 engine in four-cylinder size when for sale nationally. The period of manufacturing between 1971 and 1974 is regarded by consumers who purchased compact vehicles. Some people do not know that the blocks were built in Europe and not in American factories. Either way a Ford Pinto 2.0 engine for sale can be found using the inventory system available on this site.

The specs are varied for I4 motors. The first editions were smaller and did not provide enough torque. The decision to upgrade the displacement to 2.0 liters was a solid move. With its 5600 RPM base, the 2.0 liter Pinto engine is one that can still be modified. Since the blocks usually run great, dependability is one thing that comes along with the purchase of a second hand I4.

Salvaged Ford Blocks

The 122 CID versions have not been produced since the 1970s. There are private owners as well as junk yards that scrape up all available stock. The 100 horsepower I4 is by far the most common one to locate in the United States. It is junk yards and other similar resources that PreownedEngines.com relies upon to help the public.

One thing that people appreciate about a used Pinto engine is the tuning capabilities. There are third-party companies that produce many of the OEM parts originally installed through Ford subsidiaries. Places like car shows are a good source to witness what someone can do with a replacement 2.0 liter motor for a Ford Pinto.

Pinto Parts Warranty Plans

Even though it is getting harder to find original blocks, taking care of the public through a warranty plan is one thing that is constant here. POE can only exist if its suppliers do a great job in locating, preserving and distributing vintage Ford car motors. By way of a term-based warranty policy, any buyer here reaps the benefits of a coverage plan.

With terms as high as three years, putting to rest common fears of gasket leaks, rust deposits and head problems is what the plans try to do. There are some parts like a water pump or alternator that are not usually covered. These types represent components that can be found at local retail shops for replacement.

Prices for Used Ford Engines

A quick search of this page and the powerful database it provides will easily showcase the low pricing available. Since there are multiple companies working with us, finding a surplus number of 2.0 liter Pinto motors is possible. We work with the top companies to keep customers who shop here very happy.

The immediate quote that is obtained here also includes a button to make a purchase. If buying over the Internet is not something a person prefers, ordering processing can take place over the telephone. The specialist answering each call can distribute details about mileage on the block and other things that are important to people.