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Ford Ranger 3.0 V6 Engine for Sale

Vulcan is a 3.0L V6 engine found in Ranger trucks at Ford. This was the primary block placed in Taurus and Tempo cars in the mid 1980s. Decisions were made to start using this build to power the compact truck series in the year 1990. People who still appreciate these trucks can find a Ford Ranger 3.0 V6 engine for sale here online.

Vulcan Engine Specs

What is the Ford Vulcan engine? This build featured 182 cubic inch displacement. The compression ratio was designed at 9:3:1. A fuel injection system was the primary method of delivering the fuel. The motor was positioned for a 60-degree installation.

Ford built the 3.0L to feature a pushrod design. This was classic of units built prior to the year 1985. Because it is an OHV model, there was more power available at takeoff and higher speeds. The horsepower did change from year to year. The pre-1990 versions had a 140 hp range. The Ranger pickup trucks sported the 155 hp at top speed.

It does take around 5 quarts of oil to fill up the pan in the Vulcan. People doing a swap will likely look for the VIN U 8th digit units. These editions are in the inventory that we sell as well as in Ford salvage yards across North America.

Dependable Used Ford 3.0L Engines

Retailers are judged by the experiences of customers. The way that a motor looks visually does speak highly of a company. No one wants to replace a rusted and dirty engine with one that looks the same. It is sometimes impossible though to get a low mileage Ranger motor online. The high use and wear and tear make it harder to get these types.

One guarantee made here of the replacement Ford Vulcan V6 engine units in stock is the warranty. No person will buy from this website and not receive the standard coverage. Almost all of the OEM parts are written into the plans. This keeps people from paying too much to repair a second hand model should issues happen.

Buy 3.0L Ford Truck Motors Here

Aside from such a good looking inventory, prices found here are equally nice. Those high priced eBay, Craigslist and Backpage V6 models are not found here. Direct arrangements with companies that only specialize in Ford Motor Company products are part of our business plan.

The most up to date pricing is found on this page through the database. The warehouse and its current inventory can be researched accurately. If there is a question that needs an answer, calling our team by telephone will provide the remedy. We are always here to help. If you are not buying from us, you are paying too much.