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Used Ford V10 Engine for Sale

Ford debuted its V10 SOHC engine block for sale in the 1997 year. It was the primary force of power behind the F-Series and other commercial truck platforms. The displacement of this build helps each vehicle owner achieve the requested torque and performance. More than one valve combination was manufactured. You can order a used Ford V10 engine for sale using the features we give to you on this website.

Specs of the Ford V10

Vehicles that weight up to 33,000 pounds can accept the 10 cylinder Ford engine. The displacement is 6.8 liters and the cubic inches are 410. The housing of the block is made from cast iron. The heads were manufactured out of aluminum and feature the regular four-bolt main bearing. Someone buying a used V10 engine will appreciate the 9.2.1 compression.

Ford installed its Torqshift 5-speed automatic transmission with every V10 produced. The SOHC platform made it easy to work with the larger Super Duty and Excursion vehicles. The electronic throttle control as well as the sequential fuel injection system help improve the stability of the build. A 2-valve or a 3-valve version is available just like the Triton 5.4 engine.

There are many variations of motor homes that have the 362 horsepower V10 inside. The weight of the block can vary from dealer to dealer. The official Ford Motor Company specs lists the dry weight at 620 pounds, but this does not include the crate or the wrapping. The total RPM rating is 4750.

Cleaned and Tested 6.8L V10

POE expands the inventory supplied to the public on this website by using multiple junk yards and pick-a-part type of partners in the USA. All of what someone can order or review for a price quote is cleaned first and then tested for functionality. We even go as far as putting a three-year warranty of all stock that someone can order to validate these work well.

If you are looking for a Ford V10 engine for sale, it will be difficult to find a better selection and price range that what we supply. PreownedEngines.com is now a resource tapped into by truck owners, dealerships, automotive mechanics and other sources daily.

Buy Ford V10 Engines Here

Orders are placed on this page or through our phone center every day of the week. The first thing you can do is request to look at our price tag. This happens when you use our computer tool to search through the different VIN numbers we support. The entire procedure will take less than a half a minute of your time. You can click-through and order in real time or you can call our team over the phone. Secure your sale price right now.