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Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Engine for Sale

Hyundai began using the 3.8 Lambda engine for its luxury Genesis Coupe in the year 2011. After the market was established in 2008, the present-day manufacturing schedule was changed to add an all-new motor block. The 3.3-liter had already been used as a starter block. The Coupe series needed a more powerful engine due partly to the different fuel systems that were created. Anyone using this website can search Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 engine for sale inventory.

The first generation editions that were built for the Korean and U.S. marketplace were sold until the 2013 year. The infamous Lambda block provided the cubic inches needed for an improvement in horsepower. The quality drive train construction that is found in the luxury editions of Hyundai motor vehicles helped to spread the word about the Genesis series. Buyers were treated to several improvements in power levels.

3.8 Lambda GDI V6 Engine

The updated 3.8-liter build is offered with two types of fuel systems The first is the regular MPI or multi-port injection. The engine code is G6DA. This identifies the block as the right displacement. The standard rating for horsepower is 286 although this is only achievable through the 6,200 RPM phase. Taking the plunge and buying a used Hyundai GDI engine means validating that the mileage is correct.

The Tau V8 blocks were added for the first time during the 2010 year. This was the first major upgrade since the initial development of the Genesis started in the 2007 year. Both premium fuel and standard gasoline can be used in all of the GDI blocks that are 3.8 and higher. One thing to note about the differences in motor types is the compatibility with the Shiftronic 8-speed transmissions. Models built earlier than 2012 only feature a 6-speed edition.

The late model versions of the 3.8 Lambda engine are not MPI compliant. These editions are full GDI editions that have the engine code of 6GDJ. These blocks top out in horsepower at 311 hp. There are some people who try to save money and cut corners when researching motor inventory on the Internet.

Used 3.8 Lamda GDI V6 Engine Inventory

Obtaining a good price does not have to mean leaving important aspects out of the buying equation. No person should have to experience high shipping costs or even a bad warranty. Everything listed for open sale here at the PreownedEngines.com company is consumer oriented. Prices are being delivered on this portal automatically when using the systems provided. The complete used Hyundai motors inventory provided here is always updated.

The complete FWD and front engine units that are available in the luxury inventory of auto parts posted on this page has low mileage. This important to buyers. Knowing what is being purchased for the budget at hand reduces the chance of an unhappy customer.

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