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GM L81 3.0L V6 Engines

The L81 is a GM engine with a 3.0-liter displacement. This V6 motor block was originally created by the Opel division of the General Motors company for the European market. Quality control and manufacturing were at the highest levels during the production of the 6-cylinder block. In order to buy GM L81 3.0L V6 engines online, someone only needs to use this website.

There are different codes that refer to the 3.0-liter series builds. When used inside of GM base vehicles, the code remains at L81. When used elsewhere, the codes can change depending on the country of origin. Inside of the United States, the Saab 9000, Saturn Vue and L series cars used the original V6 build. The Catera by Cadillac also showcased the 200 horsepower version.

DOHC 3.0L GM 6-Cylinder Block

There are at least two different compression ratios that were developed for the L81. The first is the standard at 10:8:1. This was used most often for all domestically created automobiles at General Motors. For Saab vehicles in other countries, the 11:5:1 ratio of compression version was utilized. In standard terms, there are 180 cubic inches found in the entire casting.

The 54-degree V6 block is known respectively as a dual overhead cam edition. Opel originally designed the block to use the SFPI fuel system. When a person goes to swap a Catera motor or other build, knowing what type of fuel system is on the engine is helpful. A turbo version was produced although not used in the USA brands that utilized the 3.0 liter version.

Buy GM L81 Engines Online

There were no issues that were major with the V6 blocks. From the year 1995 to 2005, very few difficulties were announced publicly by automobile owners. The quality could be due to the amount of tested third party components that GM inserted into the block. Performing research on used GM engines for sale on the Internet does take some work on behalf of a consumer. There are a lot of choices to make and few top retailers of secondary inventory.

Every single motor vehicle gasoline powered motor on sale at this website includes a warranty package. These are underwritten independently and separate from the OEM GM policies. Most parts that are installed are covered over the long term. Despite a few exceptions, consumers buying 3.0 car motor will be satisfied. In an effort to keep pricing to a minimum, more than one automobile parts distributor has been use. This reduces the MSRP that is attached to every build in stock here at PreownedEngines.com.

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