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GM LKW Engine for Sale

LKW refers to the RPO code for GM engines that are I4 configured blocks. These editions are for sale with a 2.5-liter displacement and are a continued part of the Ecotec technology. One of the features that people appreciate about this edition is that it is enabled for direct injection. General Motors has made use of the new injection technology to help power its smaller blocks. A person who is ready to buy a GM LKW engine for sale can use this website.

Fuel Saving Technology

Something new that has appeared on the 2.5 block is the fuel saving system. A new starting and stopping system is enabled to provide a saving system to conserve fuel. This is achieved through a sensor in the braking system that alerts the system to engage or disengage. This is a unique feature of the iVLC power system.

The block of the LKW is made out of a cased aluminum. This makes it slightly a lighter weight compared with the classic cast iron builds. The smaller block does perform well with heat dispersion and reduces the noise during operation. Even the pistons are aluminum in the 2.5 liter Ecotec engine.

VVT Air Flow System

Automakers like General Motors have incorporated variable valve technology in modern motors. This results in a smooth performance of emissions and torque levels. The main purpose of the VVT is to conserve power for it is needed the most. A lower speed RPM shines when using the improved air flow system. The iVLC uses the maximum amount of air. A high lift mode is incorporated into the technology.

Flex fuel compatibility is part of the LKW series from GM. Being able to operate on more than one gasoline fuel type has popularized the 2.5L automobile engine. The use of E85 is now growing in many areas of the United States. The Chevrolet Malibu and Chevrolet Impala each use a variation of the I4 block.

Buy 4-Cylinder LKW GM Engines

Learning what the history of the smaller block motors at GM is can be important before making a swap. The 11:3:1 compression ratio is now standard in the 2.5 liter I4 brand. The DOHC operation makes it one of the best builds to find that is in used condition. All PreownedEngines.com inventory available has been validated at 196 horsepower and as low mileage as possible.

A person who will make a purchase of a GM 2.5 liter Ecotec engine from this website is always treated fairly. Adapting one of the I4 builds to an existing vehicle is not a problem. A full service warranty for parts is offered as well as a rock bottom sales price. By utilizing all search features on this page, someone can find out how much a 2.5 Impala or 2.5 Malibu motor costs.

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