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Used GMC Canyon 2.8L Diesel Engine for Sale

Canyon trucks now use the 2.8-liter Duramax diesel engine as an upgrade to the gasoline blocks in the United States. General Motors made the announcement in 2014 and now produces one of the best medium-size truck motors. There are 16 valves that are present on the block of the Canyon motor. The all-terrain, midnight and chrome trim series each use the GMC Canyon 2.8L diesel engine. Buying one of these units on this website is not difficult.

The SAE rating for horsepower is 200 hp for the Duramax. GM has kept the DOHC design and offers the 16:5:1 ratio of compression. These specs pair well with the 169 cubic inch displacement. As a 4-cylinder diesel engine, the 2.8 uses the common rail system for better fuel delivery. Truck owners as well as work truck mechanics continue to choose the GMC brand because the blocks are built to last.

LWN 2.8-Liter Diesel Engine Specs

The RPM limit for the new Duramax edition is 3600 RPMs. This is a boost compared to similar models that have been created by GM in the past decade. With a respected bore and stroke ratio, the intercooler system that is found on the GMC 2.8 liter diesel cuts out the risk of an overheating problem. GM selected the XLD28 platform to mass produce the blocks for its Colorado and Canyon trucks in the USA.

A person who purchases a used condition 2.8-liter truck engine can expect a range of about 27 miles per gallon. This number can go downwards if there are internal issues on the block. When buying anything second hand, it is essential that a person understand the card and maintenance that was put into a build by its previous owner. This seriously reduces risks of a problem after a drop-in.

Buy Mini Duramax Engines Online

The power improvement that is found in the late model diesel motors built by General Motors is something that the auto industry has taken notice of. With an improved intake system and better EGR valve setup, it is hard to not appreciate the giant leap forward in diesel technology for pickup trucks. Anyone using this website in order to buy a 2.8 liter Duramax diesel motor will have the option of reviewing a specialized low price.

The highlights of choosing a good dealer often include a reduced selling price for a consumer. The PreownedEngines.com company has built a massive inventory of used GMC Canyon truck engine blocks. This is accomplished through the use of more than one national distributor. To help people find pricing faster using this portal, all warehouse inventory numbers and pricing patterns are viewable while visiting this page.

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