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Used GMC Jimmy Motor

The market for sport utility vehicles heated up in 1983 as General Motors created new vehicles to compete with rival Ford. Multiple models were designed and manufactured through the GMC brand. A partnership with Isuzu made it possible to use different motor technologies. Buying a GMC Jimmy S15 engine online in used condition is simple using this second hand website. Completing an S15 engine swap is cost effect here.

Specs for Jimmy SUV Engines

There were three initial motors that were used inside of the first generation Chevy Jimmy by GM. The first vehicle concept was a two-door design that used the 1.9 Isuzu blocks. This was a smaller four-cylinder edition that was offered in the early production runs. An overhead cam version built by GM was known as the 2.0 block. This was offered as an alternative apart from the diesel 2.2 four-cylinder.

Keeping up with the 2.2 block, GMC SUVs were inserted with an L43 motor. This design was the gasoline version that featured 134 total cubic inches. This edition was used heavily during the first few production years of the early Jimmy vehicles. A slightly larger 2.5 base was created that was named the Iron Duke. This was the same motor used in the Chevrolet S10 built around the same time period in the 1980s. Multiple changes were made to the GMC Jimmy S15 body parts during ’85 to ’90.

Used Second Generation SUV Blocks

A 2.8 V6 was the last edition used for the S15 SUVs during the late 1980s. General Motors made some big changes to the manufacturing schedules. A larger 4.3 base was selected after success was reported with the Safari and S10 lineup. The aptly named Vortec 4300 engine is the edition most recognized with the Jimmy motor vehicle series in the United States. Buying one of these units in used condition can be a major task for some buyers.

The PreownedEngines.com company offers inventory that is completely compatible with the 4L60E transmissions used inside the S15 vehicles. The blocks are also cross compatible with the five-speed manual gearboxes offered as an alternative in some models. The MSRP price tag for units bought at a dealership is usually larger than most people think. It can cost thousands to replace a worn out engine.

How to Buy a Used SUV Motor Block

The accuracy in pricing is one of the benefits that this website provides. Within a few seconds, a price is calculated for any person ready to make a preowned motor purchase. The Generation I, II, III and IV blocks used for the Jimmy and S10 blazer are what can be priced while using the available tools here online.

A quick entry of the year and size of a block in the quote system on this page will help present the available discounts. A markdown for all inventory is always part of the every day price structures used for U.S. based consumers.

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