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GMC K1500 5.7L Engine On Sale

The K1500 used a 5.7L engine at GMC until 1999. General Motors discontinued the C/K series with development of its Silverado nameplate. As one of the leading full-size trucks, a two-door or four-door version was sold with the V8 block. The long block manufacturing at GM supported the technology found inside of the K-Series vehicles. Buy a used GMC K1500 5.7L engine right from a salvage source.

5.7L 350 CID Specs

The famed 5.7-liter was in use for all V8 equipped vehicles during the late 20th century. Most of the trucks were enabled with 4WD to take advantage of the extra power. The fuel mileage was respected for the 350 block. A range of 13 to 17 MPG can be found on most OEM and used versions of the K1500 crate engine.

An automatic four-speed transmission was the stock option with the GMC SUVs and trucks before the year 2000. A person can identify which K1500 engine is installed by reviewing the VIN data. Most of the stamps on the block include a VIN R type.

Before the Vortec was overtaken by Ecotec and High Value builds, the 5.7-liter V8 found in C/K trucks ruled the world. The second hand products for sale listed here are available in the USA and Canada. Direct shipping is offered from a trustworthy GMC salvage yard.

Long Block 8-Cylinder Warranty

To swap or not to swap. That is the dilemma that pickup truck owners and mechanics go through while reviewing the preowned parts industry. Changing out a block for one with the same mileage count might not be the best deal. Acquiring a build that has low enough mileage is what buyers generally hope to do.

A warranty document that details the 36 months of protection for all 5.7L motors in stock is offered on this website. A review of this documentation reveals that about 90 percent of OEM GMC components receive long-term coverage.

How to Buy Engines for K1500 Trucks

There is no surcharge to call and ask for a price at PreownedEngines.com. In fact, an experienced person who has decades of job history in used pickup truck parts takes all calls. Any question can be asked and a heavily reduced MSRP price is given out.

The quote machine found on the top portion of this page can generate a price. This simplifies the buying procedure for a person who is short on time, but who wants the top quality blocks. There are few ways to go inside of the junk components business. POE opens up the doors of opportunity for people.

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