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Honda Accord Engine

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The Honda Accord has been produced for the U.S. vehicle market since 1976. The development of the 1.6 engine provided the initial horsepower for the early edition Accord vehicles. The compact version of the Accord was the first edition sold on U.S. soil for Honda. The mid and full-size editions now produced have helped make this vehicle brand one of the top automobiles worldwide. A Honda Accord engine is easy to purchase using this engines resource online.

There our multiple displacements used inside the accord in the American, European and Japanese markets. The original 1.6 has been modified through the years with different technologies. The 1.8 displacement was one of the first to include the Honda specific VTEC technology to preserve fuel efficiency while increasing horsepower. The later 2.0 builds were followed by the 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 3.0 to increase the power range for the Accord. Buying these engines preowned is simple to do online.

Used Honda Engines with Warranty Coverage

Buying a true JDM engine can provide low mileage with the right dealer is selected. While mileage is one component of long-term usage, the internal quality of each foreign engine should be monitored and protected with a warranty plan. Most Honda engines that are found from secondary resources are past the warranty period. These warranties do not transfer to new owners leaving most people to pay for repairs if these are required. The Preowned Engines company provides warranty coverage for all used Honda engines listed on this resource.

These warranty plans provide 24 months of standard coverage for original Honda parts. Buying an Accord motor with high mileage can be a good purchase when warranties cover parts ready for failure. Each motor that is listed on this resource receives validated mileage and other examinations before these are distributed. The quality of Honda motors from this resource is based on the acquisitions from suppliers. The current inventory of four-cylinder and V6 engines for sale here all feature high quality. Buying from a top resource is one of the best decisions that engine buyers can make when researching the Internet.

Preowned Accord Engines for Sale

The previously owned automobile engines industry does provide value. While most units have mileage on the block, good units can be found and inserted into vehicles. Most tuners, car restoration companies and actual owners purchase using this resource online. Each previously owned Accord motor can be quoted price using the tools supplied directly on this resource. The top of each page features the modified quotation system. This basic system asks the year of each Honda and make requested. The system produces all pricing automatically.

A toll-free telephone number is also established to provide direct support to buyers of replacement motors online. This number offers VIN lookups and other matching that can guarantee that the correct Accord motor is purchased. All quotations in price delivered by this toll-free telephone number are accurate. Shipping prices through this resource are always free.

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