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Honda Crosstour 3.5L Engine

The Crosstour by Honda used the 3.5L V6 engine for most of its production run from 2010 to 2015 in the United States. While this vehicle is no longer produced, what is still available is the motor block. The good news for a person who owns the Accord or standard Crosstour is that used condition replacement V6 builds are available. Using this website, a person can find direct pricing for a Honda Crosstour 3.5L engine online.

The first auto engine that was installed for the initial sales and marketing was the 2.4 4-cylinder model. This is the same build that was used previously in similar hatchback and sedan vehicles at Honda Motor Company. While sales were slow initially, the decision to install the 6-cylinder J35Z block was a success in the year 2013. A person will find all variations of the Honda Crosstour engine while browsing this portal.

Crosstour V6 SUV Engines

The backbone of the original J35Z 6-cylinder motor was the AWD capability. Like most Honda sport utility vehicles, the Crosstour was created with support for FWD and all-wheel drive power. When coupled with the 5-speed automatic transmission, the true power levels could be experienced by a vehicle owner. When the production period for the first 3.5L was over, Honda quickly moved to a new build.

The other Honda Crosstour V6 engine was known as the J35Y. This build had an identical compression ratio at 10:5:1. The cubic inch displacement was unchanged at 211. The regular VTEC option was available for this additional 3.5L version. The red line limit was similar to the Accord in which 6900 RPM was the top.

There are 24 valves that are found in the V6 variant for the Crosstour vehicles. The 278 horsepower range was actually improved with the MPFI fuel system. Through the variable cylinder management system, airflow and fuel mixtures were able to be controlled digitally through the ECU module.

Buying Our Used Accord Crosstour Engine

When beginning to search for a motor dealer of Honda blocks, it can be tempting to take the first offer that a person explores. Some companies spend time marketing a massive inventory although forget to offer basics like warranties or free freight policies. The PreownedEngines.com company takes care of its consumers by enabling programs that are accessible for all levels of buyers.

To buy a used 3.5-liter Honda engine online, an organized process of research can be conducting using this portal. A person makes a request to review the in stock price information for a V6 build and the rest is one-touch screens to follow. As a courtesy to consumers, a toll-free phone support center is optionally available for price inquiries.

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