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Honda Fit 1.5L Engine Used Block

Fit cars are for sale by Honda with 1.5L engines in the USA market. In the year 2007, these automobiles entered the market for consumer purchase. The iVTEC editions are quite popular because of the reliable power. The used Honda Fit 1.5L engine inventory provided on this website is shipped fast to buyers.

Specs for Fit Engines

The LA15 block was the first edition sold in the base model. A total of 16 valves appear on all variations of the 1.5-liter block. Honda designed the Fit automobiles to accept either a 6-gear transmission or CVT transmission. The initial design was a single overhead cam (SOHC) motor.

A total of three generations of production have been green-lighted for the Honda Fit. There are now more trim levels being sold in the global automotive market. The EX-L, LX and EX are the most popular in North America. The 130 hp rating is respected worldwide.

Using direct fuel injection has raised the fuel economy of the Fit. The entire ratio of compression is 11:5:1. This has been the most successful pairing for a Honda Motor Company vehicle in the past three decades.

Warranties for iVTEC Motors

A general warranty plan is given to new vehicle owners. The protection plan is supposed to offer coverage for up to 100,000 miles for the powertrain. The issue for consumers is finding a used condition 1.5L that has low enough road mileage. Most of what is for sale nationally is already out of warranty at most retail shops.

A warranty package that includes three full years of protection is supplied here. This gives the average person enough peace of mind after purchasing a block. Every automotive salvage yard supplying preowned inventory to us is reviewed in advance. This continues to keep quality levels at a super-high standard.

Buy 1.5L Honda Fit Motor

The LA15 and other editions are quoted in price here. Doing research for discounts and other types of data is simple. There is a publicly accessible database on this website. Anyone who has a VIN number or model year can use this computer system. Inventory is kept accurate daily.

A number to call if assistance is needed is on top of this page. This is the main service number. People are not ashamed or afraid to ask for help when needed. Buying the right block is more important than getting the lowest price.

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